Potansiyel Ötesi Güvenlik Arayışları ile Yerleşik Güvensizlik Arasında Katar Dış Politikası



Evaluation of potential run-of river hydropower plant sites using multi-criteria decision making in terms of environmental and social aspects
Temel, Pelin; Alp, Emre; Department of Environmental Engineering (2015)
Electrical energy is an indispensable need of continuity of life in today’s world. Therefore energy generation sources are one of the most important topics of countries, so that every country develops a strategy to use them efficiently. At this point, necessity of involving sustainability of energy sources in strategies makes hydropower energy become prominent. On the other hand, rapid increase in number of hydropower projects causes losing control of environmental effects of them. In this sense, a decision...
3d-microstructuring of silicon induced by nanosecond pulsed infrared fiber laser for potential solar cell applications
BÜLBÜL TATBUL, BESNA; Pavlov, Ihor; Department of Physics (2022-9-02)
Laser-induced three-dimensional (3D) structuring of silicon is a highly desired technology as silicon drives the semiconductor industry with its wide range of applications in solar cells, telecommunications, microelectronics, integrated photonics, etc. Structuring of silicon for such applications is typically performed by lithographic pattern production and pattern transfer via plasma etching, reactive ion etching, or chemical etching. However, conventional lithography methods are limited to the surface of ...
Preparation and characterization of magnetite nanoparticles by thermal decomposition method for their potential use in tumor imaging
Tatlıcı, Zehra; Volkan, Mürvet; Department of Chemistry (2010)
In biomedical applications, magnetic nanoparticles have been used as they offer attractive possibilities. First, they have controllable sizes ranging from a few nanometers up to tens of nanometers and second, the nanoparticles are magnetic and magnetic fields can penetrate into human tissue which means that they can be manipulated by an external magnetic field gradient. In this study, Fe₃O₄ nanoparticles are synthesized by thermal decomposition method for their potential use in cancer diagnosis. Techniques ...
Nanosecond pulsed infrared laser induced crystallization of amorphous silicon films for potential photovoltaic applications
Çınar, Kamil; Bek, Alpan; Department of Physics (2018)
Laser processing applied to thin film silicon is a practical tool for fabrication of thin film transistors and solar cells. Application of laser processing technologies to silicon based photovoltaics has been on the rise. Two examples out of plenty are: crystallization of amorphous Si (a-Si) thin films to produce polycrystalline Si (poly-Si) thin films; and quality improvement of poly-Si structures on the silicon wafer surface by laser annealing. Parameters for optimal crystalline silicon fabrication depend...
Implementation of the equivalence principle algorithm for potential integral equations
Farshkaran, Ali; Ergül, Özgür Salih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
In this thesis, a domain decomposition method based on the Huygens' principle for integral equations is studied. Step-by-step development of equivalence principle algorithm (EPA) is described for solving arbitrary shaped perfect electric conductor (PEC) and penetrable objects. The main advantage of EPA is its efficiency thanks to the enhanced conditioning hence accelerated iterative solutions of the matrix equations derived from discretizations. For further enhancing the efficiency, the multilevel fast mult...
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