N-Proparjilik β-Enaminon Bileşiklerinden 2-(İyodometilen)-2,3-dihidro-1,4-oksazepin Türevlerinin Sentezi

Dikmen, Ezel
Kelgökmen, Yılmaz
Zora, Metin


N-Proparjilik β-Enaminon Bileşiklerinden 2,3-Dihidro-1,4-oksazepin Türevlerinin Sentezi
Kelgökmen, Yılmaz; Çayan, Yasemin; Zora, Metin (null; 2017-09-14)
N-Proparjilik β-Enaminon Bileşiklerinden Spiro-2H-pirol Türevlerinin Sentezi
Karadeniz, Eda; Zora, Metin (null; 2017-04-02)
N-Proparjilik β-Enaminon Bileşiklerinden Halojen Sübstitüye 1,4-Oksazepin Türevlerinin Sentezlenmesi
İbiş, Özge; Zora, Metin (2017-09-14)
N-Proparjilik β-Enaminon Bileşiklerinden Proparjil Sübstitüye Pirol Türevlerinin Sentezi
Yılmaz, Elif Serel; Zora, Metin (2017-10-14)
Asymmetric synthesis of N-aryl substituted chiral 1,4-aminoalcohol derivatives and applications in various asymmetric transformation reactions
Odabaş, Serhat; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Department of Chemistry (2007)
The asymmetric synthesis of N-aryl substituted chiral 1,4-aminoalcohols and their applications in asymmetric borane reduction and enantioselective diethylzinc addition to benzaldehyde reactions were performed starting from meso-anhydride 51 that is the cycloadduct of cyclopentadiene and maleic anhydride. The desymmetrization of meso-anhydride 51 was achieved by using quinine or quinidine with very high enantiomeric excess value (up to 98% ee) and with high chemical yield. The quinine-mediated desymmetrizati...
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E. Dikmen, Y. Kelgökmen, and M. Zora, “N-Proparjilik β-Enaminon Bileşiklerinden 2-(İyodometilen)-2,3-dihidro-1,4-oksazepin Türevlerinin Sentezi,” 2017, vol. 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/88076.