Proper Definition and Handling of Dirac Delta Functions [Lecture Notes]

Dirac delta functions are introduced to students of signal processing in their sophomore year. Quite understandably, Dirac delta functions, which should be more aptly called generalized functions or distributions, cannot be comprehensively given to a young audience at the beginning of their engineering education. A simplified and abridged definition is presented, and the implications of the definition in signal processing problems are illustrated through numerous examples. The inclusion of the Dirac delta function to the calculus of ordinary functions enables the differentiation of discontinuous functions, paving the way toward a consistent analysis of highly practical engineering problems, such as circuit theory problems involving switches, unified treatment for mixed random variables and others.
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Properly Handling Complex Differentiation in Optimization and Approximation Problems
Candan, Çağatay (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-03-01)
Functions of complex variables arise frequently in the formulation of signal processing problems. The basic calculus rules on differentiation and integration for functions of complex variables resemble, but are not identical to, the rules of their real variable counterparts. On the contrary, the standard calculus rules on differentiation, integration, series expansion, and so on are the special cases of the complex analysis with the restriction of the complex variable to the real line. The goal of this lect...
Artificial-neural-network prediction of hexagonal lattice parameters for non-stoichiometric apatites
Kockan, Umit; Ozturk, Fahrettin; Evis, Zafer (2014-01-01)
In this study, hexagonal lattice parameters (a and c) and unit-cell volumes of non-stoichiometric apatites of M-10(TO4)(6)X-2 are predicted from their ionic radii with artificial neural networks. A multilayer-perceptron network is used for training. The results indicate that the Bayesian regularization method with four neurons in the hidden layer with a tansig activation function and one neuron in the output layer with a purelin function gives the best results. It is found that the errors for the predicted ...
Exact Relation Between Continuous and Discrete Linear Canonical Transforms
Öktem, Sevinç Figen (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2009-08-01)
Linear canonical transforms (LCTs) are a family of integral transforms with wide application in optical, acoustical, electromagnetic, and other wave propagation problems. The Fourier and fractional Fourier transforms are special cases of LCTs. We present the exact relation between continuous and discrete LCTs (which generalizes the corresponding relation for Fourier transforms), and also express it in terms of a new definition of the discrete LCT (DLCT), which is independent of the sampling interval. This p...
Conditions for Synchronizability in Arrays of Coupled Linear Systems
Tuna, Sezai Emre (2009-10-01)
Synchronization in arrays of coupled continuous-time linear systems is studied. Sufficiency of certain conditions for the existence of a synchronizing feedback law are analyzed. It is shown that, for neutrally stable systems that are detectable from their outputs, a linear feedback law exists under which any number of coupled systems synchronize provided that the (directed, weighted) graph describing the interconnection is fixed and connected. An algorithm generating one such feedback law as well as the tra...
Discrete wavelet transform based shift invariant analysis scheme for transient sound signals
Wasim, Ahmad; Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin; Kondoz, Ahmet (2010-09-06)
Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) has gained widespread recognition and popularity in signal processing due to its ability to underline and represent time-varying spectral properties of many transient and other nonstationary signals. However, DWT is a shift-variant transform. This shift-variance is a major problem with the use of DWT for transient signal analysis and pattern recognition applications. A number of modified forms of DWT have been investigated in recent years that provide approximate shift-invar...
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