Integration of design projects within a Ph.D.



Integration of contextual exercises in computer-aided design education
Liu, Ke; Peng, Xiaobo; McGary, Prentiss; Yalvac, Bugrahan; Öztürk, Elif; Johnson, Michael D.; Valverde, Lauralee (2015-01-01)
The authors have implemented a series of contextual CAD modeling exercises in a freshman CAD class to transform adaptive expertise in the CAD education. The students were interviewed before and after the exercises to capture their manifestation of adaptive expertise. At the end of semester, a CAD modeling test was given to the students. The CAD modeling procedures were evaluated based on the model attributes and students’ screen-recordings. The data analyses examine the role of learner-centered contextual e...
Integration of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for water quality modeling of distribution network
Bağcı, Gökhan; Merzi, Nuri; Soyupak, Selçuk; Department of Environmental Engineering (2001)
Integration of geographic information systems with environmental impact assesment: Acase study on Çamlı Dam.
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Integration of a web based adaptive and intelligent education systems into METU-Online
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Integration of building and urban nD data to support intelligent cities
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