First Report of Group 16SrXII Phytoplasma Causing Stolbur Disease in Potato Plants in the Eastern and Southern Anatolia Regions of Turkey.

Eroğlu, Seçkin
Ozbek, H.
Sahin, F.


First description of platinum group minerals PGMs in Ultramafic rocks of the Ovacık and Pülümür ophiolitic complex Tunceli Turkey
Öztüfekçi Önal, Ayten; Köksal, Fatma; Federica, Zaccarini; Çimen, Okay; Aktağ, Alican; Önal, Ali (null; 2016-01-24)
First-Principles Investigation of NOx and SOx Adsorption on Anatase-Supported BaO and Pt Overlayers
Hummatov, Ruslan; GÜLSEREN, Oğuz; ÖZENSOY, EMRAH; Toffoli, Daniele; Toffoli, Hande (2012-03-15)
We present a density functional theory investigation of the adsorption properties of NO and NO2 as well as SO2 and SO3 on BaO and Pt overlayers on anatase TiO2(001) surface. Mono layers, bilayers, and trilayers of BaO grow without strain-induced large scale reconstructions. While the bilayer and trilayer preserve, to a large extent, the NO2 adsorption characteristics of the clean BaO(100) surface, the effect of the support is evident in SO2 and SO3 adsorption energies, which are somewhat reduced with respec...
First record of non-indigenous Botrylloides anceps (Herdman, 1891) species along the Turkish Levantine Coasts, Confirmed by DNA Barcoding
Temiz, Berivan; Karahan, Arzu (null; 2019-07-30)
There are nearly 3000 Ascidian species identified and they are all found in seas. However, the studies on tunicates on Turkish coasts are limited; thus, not much known about the ascidian fauna of Turkish Seas. In this study, presence of the Botrylloides anceps (Herdman, 1891) species along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has been proven by application of DNA barcoding tool for the first time. Sampling was performed in coastal area of the Hatay-Konacık region on 26 September 2018. Mitochondrial Cytochrome ...
First record of Psylliostachys spicata (Plumbaginaceae), confirmation of Salvia pratensis (Lamiaceae) from Turkey, and taxonomic status of Salvia ertekinii
CELEP, FERHAT; Karabacak, Osman; Malekmohammadi, Maryam; Fidan, Mehmet; Doğan, Musa (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2016-01-01)
Psylliostachys spicata (Plumbaginaceae) is reported as a new genus record for Turkey; an amended species description is given. Bossier's record of Salvia pratensis (Lamiaceae) in Flora Orientalis is confirmed from Turkey. Additionally, the endemic Salvia ertekinii is reduced to a synonym of Salvia pinnata.
First report of sphaeronitid blastozoans (Echinodermata) in the Middle Ordovician of the Taurides, Turkey
Nardin, Elise; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Lefebvre, Bertrand (2014-01-01)
Articulated echinoderm remains are described for the first time in the Ordovician of Turkey. They occur massively, forming a relatively thick "cystoid bed" within the detrital limestone succession of the Sobova Formation (latest Dapingian-earliest Darriwilian) in the western Taurus Mountains. The "cystoid bed" encompasses a monospecific echinoderm assemblage of densely packed, 3-dimensionally preserved thecae. The presence of numerous suborganised plates with diplopore respiratory structures suggests probab...
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S. Eroğlu, H. Ozbek, and F. Sahin, “First Report of Group 16SrXII Phytoplasma Causing Stolbur Disease in Potato Plants in the Eastern and Southern Anatolia Regions of Turkey.,” PLANT DISEASE, vol. 94, no. 11, pp. 1374–1374, 2010, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: