Keskin, Arat Baran
The most prominent effect of music on listeners is that it results in spontaneous movements expressed by clapping, dancing and tapping as well as performing. Among the musical instruments, percussion sounds constitute the spine of musical cues leading to spontaneous movements. Within the relationship between body motion and musical instrument performance, the drum kit is an exemplary instrument that includes both a wide range of pitches and considerable freedom of motion during interaction through the use of four limbs. To learn to play the drum kit, rhythm should be embraced and internalized. Musical instrument learning has exclusive aspects compared to conventional learning methods, since it involves a wide variety of skills including reading, hearing and motor skills. Another distinctive characteristic that makes musical instrument learning unique is the overwhelming motivation factor. As an unconventional medium of learning, gamification has potential to contribute to learners' motivation by means of unplanned activities, transcending space and time limits, and developing cognitive abilities. Unlike conventional pedagogy-oriented didactic models, the first half of the 21st century has used new mediums to reinforce the learning stage of musical instruments. These new mediums involve interactive and portable technological products. The products have great potential and open new areas to discovery regarding the implementation of game contexts within educational objectives. However, gamification is not widely embraced, although its implementation on smart devices has considerable potential due to its multilayered structure and interactive nature. Hence, the thesis explores the potentials of gamification to impact positively on novice learners' drum kit practicing, transitioning from an exploration of the area to concept designs for new physical and digital practice tools.
Citation Formats
A. B. Keskin, “GAMIFICATION AS A METHOD TO ENCOURAGE NOVICE PLAYERS TO LEARN AND PRACTICE DRUMMING,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.