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Parking management in smart built environment: Evaluation of METU Campus
Genel, Volkan; Öztürk, Hande Işık; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; Civil Engineering (2020-9-01)
With the ever-increasing number of vehicles and technological advancements, transportation-related social problems are addressed with more systematic and smarter solutions, as a part of Intelligent Transportation Systems (...
Effect of vertical ground motion on the performance of high-rise buildings
Keskin, Engi; Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2020)
Throughout the history, the creation of new environments to support the needs of urban populations has been attained to a great extent through horizontal construction. When settlements with limited territories started to f...
Prediction of felt intensity from ground motion parameters using artificial neural network method
Öztürk , Seda; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
Earthquakes are natural phenomena that cause ground shaking and deformations due to the nature of the Earth's surface, which is composed of tectonic plates. The sudden release of energy on these tectonic plates results in ...
An investigation of liquefaction effects on piers and piles of segmental precast balanced cantilever bridges
Gündüz, Özer; Caner, Alp; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
In this thesis, the seismic behavior of a typical segmental precast balanced cantilever bridge over liquefiable soils is investigated. Liquefaction is a phenomenon that is triggered by large movements of the sand layer dur...
Evaluation of intensity measures for ground motion selection to be used in the analysis of highway flyover bridges
Akray, Ayha; Caner, Alp; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
Time history analysis that requires a proper ground motion selection is becoming popular as computational methods advance. It has been known that scaling any ground motion will not be the best fit to be used in the time hi...
Comparative analysis of the international regulations and guidelines related to the seismic hazard assessment for nuclear facilities
Güner, Barı; Gülerce, Zeynep; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
Turkey intends to build and operate twelve nuclear reactor units in the next ten years; therefore, the regulatory body of Turkey needs a systematic, comprehensive, and up-to-date seismic hazard assessment (SHA) guideline t...
An evaluation of the implications ofSyrian crisis in Turkey from a disaster management perspective
Mişe, Özg; Şenol Balaban, Meltem; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
A turmoil started in Syrian Arab Republic in March 2011 which affected mainly Middle East countries, including Turkey. First wave of Syrians escaping from the conflict headed to the Turkish borders and the population movem...
A Lower-bound limit analysis solution for lateralload capacity of masonry walls
Karadeniz, Derya; Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
Masonry exists from very past centuries around the world which is used not only for sheltering, most of historical architectural masterpieces are masonry structures. Masonry offers advantages in many areas such as easy sup...
Investigation and comparison of bearing devices used in high-speed railway bridges under earthquake impact
Aşcı, Uğur; Caner, Alp; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
This study covers the investigation of behavior and comparison of two bearing types (elastomeric and pot bearings) under earthquake effects. Real earthquake records are used in this study. Earthquake selection is an import...
Numerical modelling of reinforced concrete pressure tunnels using the overlapping lattice method
Işık, Gökberk; Tuncay, Kağan; Department of Earthquake Studies. (2019)
Pressure tunnels transmit water from the reservoir to the turbines of hydroelectric power plants. The computational studies conducted to understand the behavior and shed light on the design guides of pressure tunnels were ...