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Synthesis of New Squaramide Based Organocatalyst and Its Application for Enantioselective Synthesis of Organic Compounds
Özdemir, Özge; Doğan, Özdemir; Department of Chemistry (2022-9-19)
Organocatalytic asymmetric synthesis of organic compounds is one of the important fields of synthetic organic chemistry. Organocatalysts are small chiral organic molecules having certain functional groups, such as hydroxy,...
Assessment of the immunogenicity and formulation of recombinant proteins from SARS-CoV-2 as vaccine antigens
Keser, Duygu; Özcengiz, Gülay; Department of Biology (2022-9-15)
COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. The virus was first detected in Wuhan, China in late 2019, and the outbreak was declared a pandemic in January 2020 by WHO, and continues to spread worldwide. As of J...
Cloning and expression of gerE and glmS genes in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis, and investigation of their possible interrelation with bacilysin biosynthesis
Akaysoy, Sergen; Özcengiz, Gülay; Department of Biology (2022-9-15)
Bacillus subtilis is the Gram-positive model bacterium that enzymatically produces the dipeptide antibiotic bacilysin. Bacilysin is the simplest bioactive peptide known composed of L-alanine at its N-terminal and L-anticap...
Content analysis of exhibit labels in science centers
Gezer, İrem; Özdemir, Ömer Faruk; Department of Science Education (2022-9-13)
Exhibit labels are powerful tools for initiating communication between visitors and exhibits in science centers. Exhibit designs and labels can change according to the educational goals in science centers. Previous studies...
The effect of BFPP mutations on trafficking, signaling and function of ADGRG1/GPR56 receptor
Demir, Nil; Son, Çağdaş Devrim; Cevheroğlu, Orkun; Department of Biology (2022-9-12)
Bilateral frontoparietal polymicrogyria (BFPP) is a hereditary brain abnormality characterized by defects on the brain cortex surface in the form of smaller (micro-) and multiplexed (poly-) gyri and sulci. More than 20 mut...
New models and inference techniques for Gaussian process-based extended object tracking
Kumru, Murat; Özkan, Emre; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-9-09)
In this thesis, we consider the problem of tracking dynamic objects with unknown shapes using point cloud measurements generated by, e.g., lidars, radars, and depth cameras. The point measurements do not only convey inform...
Modeling and process optimization of water jet guided laser micro hole drilling on nickel-based aerospace alloys
Subaşı, Levent; Gökler, Mustafa İlhan; Yaman, Ulaş; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2022-9-9)
Special aerospace alloys are used for the manufacturing of turbine blades in gas turbines and micro cooling holes are drilled on them to increase their thermal resistance. Water Jet Guided Laser (WJGL) is a novel technolog...
Model management for hypothesis-driven simulation experiment workflows
Çam, Sema; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-9-05)
With today's breakthroughs in computational science and engineering, research experts can now simulate a lot of experiments on computers. Experiment specification is aided by frameworks and support systems for reusability ...
Producing Urban Space After Urban Transformation: The Case of Çukurambar, Ankara
Tunçbilek, Lale; Basa, İnci; Department of Architecture (2022-9-5)
In the era of globalization and digitalization, to keep up with the uncontrolled rapid urbanization, cities have expanded unrestrainedly. This expansion also required an overhaul of the existing urban fabric. Urban transfo...
Distance matrices as protein representations
Dinç, Mehmet; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-9-02)
Representing protein sequences is a crucial problem in the field of bioinformatics since any data-driven model's performance is limited by the information contained in its input features. A protein's biological function is...
Khoram, Mohammad Khalid; Aydin, Ismail; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-9-02)
Spillways are the safety structures of dams against floods. Various types of spillways having different hydraulic characteristics can be considered with variable geometric dimensions. On the other hand, hydrologic reservoi...
Preparation and characterization of metal oxide supported group 9B metal nanoparticles and their use as electrocatalysts in water splitting
Akbayrak, Merve; Önal, Ahmet Muhtar; Department of Chemistry (2022-9-2)
Hydrogen has been regarded as a crucial energy carrier due to its high energy density. Therefore, there is an increasing attention for the production of hydrogen. Among the hydrogen production methods, water splitting is o...
Determination of shift work impacts over beverage shift workers
Emekli, Hamdi Erdi; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Department of Occupational Health and Safety (2022-9-2)
Working life has been an inevitable piece of human history since ancient times. Following Industrial Revolution, industries searched for more resources for their productions and more time to work in order to produce. At ...
Secure and energy-efficient resource allocation in network slicing
Gülmez, Umut Can; Angın, Pelin; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-9-2)
The one-size-fits-all idea of the previous telecommunication generations is no longer suitable for current applications. The current network systems need to satisfy the Quality of Service requirements of the different type...
Streaming multiscale deep equilibrium models
Ertenli, Can Ufuk; Cinbiş, Ramazan Gökberk; Akbaş, Emre; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-9-02)
There have been numerous significant developments for addressing recognition problems in recent years. One important application area of such developments is recognition on streaming data. Efficient inference is typically ...
Öz, Canay; Güler, Ali Murat; Department of Physics (2022-9-2)
The Standard Model of particle physics contains three active neutrinos associated to three charged leptons: electron, muon and tau. Electron neutrino and muon neutrino were experimentally observed in 1956 and 1962 respecti...
NABDEL, Leili; Leloğlu, Uğur Murat; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2022-9-02)
CORINE Land Cover mapping scheme provides an ontology to create consistent classification maps that are regularly updated. Since CORINE is a mixed Land Use / Land Cover (LULC) standard, classification based solely on spect...
Sarıgül, Mert; Gölbaşı, Onur; Department of Mining Engineering (2022-9-2)
The growing production market and the resultant increase in raw material requirements create pressure on mining companies to achieve production at a higher rate by keeping unit operating costs manageable. It is recognized ...
Stochastic Analysis of Human Postural Sway
Yaradanakul, Naci; Gürses, Senih; Department of Engineering Sciences (2022-9-2)
"The decisive step in the transition from ape to man", in other words, inherently unstable dynamics of human erect posture, is investigated throughout the thesis considering the random features with a spatiotemporal perspe...
Women's sense of safety in high-rise mass housing estates: the case of Kusunlar Toki in Ankara, Turkey
Temurer, Sena; Severcan, Yücel Can; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2022-9-2)
Designing and building high-rise housing estates have been a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. A review of the literature shows that there are various advantages and disadvantages of living in such settings. Most of th...
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