Analysis on attitudes of local people towards immigrants in Istanbul

Aksu, Mustafa
Migration movements, in addition to the changes they brought about in individual lives, also brought about changes in societies. This thesis aims to understand the main issues and themes that local people rely on in shaping their attitudes towards immigrants. In this way, it examines the various ways local people encounter foreigners and the perceptions and attitudes these encounters generate. To this end, in-depth interviews with twenty-five people working and living on the European side of Istanbul were conducted. At the end of the data analysis process, four themes emerged. The four themes that individuals relied upon in forming their attitudes towards immigrants living in the city are empathy, future concerns, fear of the (un)known and reflecting a problem. The underlying sense of desolation as the argument of this thesis has significance beyond the other four themes. This theme makes sense of the damaged relationship between the individual and the state on the axis of belonging-ownership as the individual's sense of desolation. It develops an underlying understanding attitudes towards immigrants based on the position of the relationship between the citizen and the state. The sense of desolation I propose can contribute to reaching these meanings. This thesis reveals the sense of desolation and its potential to contribute to the analysis of social conflicts in Turkey. Keywords: Turkey, Immigrant, Xenophobia, Attitude, Sense of Desolation
Citation Formats
M. Aksu, “Analysis on attitudes of local people towards immigrants in Istanbul,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.