Pre-service Mathematics Teachers’ Views and Experiences In Designing STEM Lessons

Çelik Kaya, Büşragül
This study aims to investigate the views of pre-service mathematics teachers pertaining to STEM education and the challenges encountered during the process of lesson planning. The primary objective of the study is to provide guidance to enhance the efficiency of STEM education practices within mathematics courses. In this study, qualitative research method was utilized for in-depth analysis, and three pre-service mathematics teachers studying at a university in Ankara were interviewed. The data were collected in approximately four months during the Spring Semester of the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Three semi-structured interviews were conducted, and the participants were asked to prepare a STEM lesson plan. Following the initial interview, STEM education practices were conducted by the researcher. Then, the STEM lesson plans prepared by the participants were analyzed. The analysis of the findings revealed a remarkable progress in the pre-service teachers’ comprehension of STEM education following the intervention. Furthermore, it was observed that the participants were able to integrate mathematics and science into their lesson plans and did not have as much difficulty in this integration as other disciplines. Conversely, it was found that challenges were more pronounced when it came to the integration of engineering principles. The participants who stated that the integration of mathematics and technology was not challenging were weak in this integration. Finally, the participants stated that STEM education is an essential educational approach within the field of mathematics education, expressing their intentions to incorporate STEM activities into their future lesson plans.
Citation Formats
B. Çelik Kaya, “Pre-service Mathematics Teachers’ Views and Experiences In Designing STEM Lessons,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.