Phase stability and ordering processes in Fe-Al intermetallics

Aktürk, İlhami


Phase Equilibria of Binary Systems with CO2 and Bifunctional Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes
Dumanlılar, Beril; Dilek Hacıhabiboğlu, Çerağ (2018-09-01)
Solubility and phase behavior investigations of novel materials in supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) permit design and advancement of new and environmentally friendly supercritical fluid processes. Supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) is called as a green solvent because it is non-toxic, non-flammable, inexpensive, and abundant. Its use in a process instead of an organic solvent can eliminate the emissions of volatile organic components. Also, due to its nonpolar structure,it can dissolve nonpolar molecu...
Phase behaviour of liquid crystalline copolyesters
Eskimergen, Rüya; Bayramlı, Erdal; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (1998)
Phase transformation and magnetic properties of multicomponent heusler type alloys
Kalkancı, Mine; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mekhrabov, Amdulla O.; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2011)
Many Co-based Heusler alloys with the stoichometric composition X2YZ are ideal candidates for the spintronics applications. So, they have been extensively studied theoretically and experimentally. The aim of this work was to investigate the effect heat treatment on phase stability and magnetic properties for quaternary Co2FeSi1-xGax Heusler alloys with varying Si concentration. The Co2FeSi1-xGax alloy samples were prepared by conventional arc melting technique. The structure of Co2FeSi1-xGax bulk alloys wer...
Phase equilibria and thermodynamic studies in the system FeO-MnO-Al2O3 at 1300 °C.
Küçükkaragöz, Serdar; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1976)
Phase Identification of La-Doped Hard Magnetic Barium Ferrite Using Artificial Neural Network
Sozeri, Huseyin; KÜÇÜK, İLKER; Ozkan, Husnu (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2011-01-01)
A model based on an artificial neural network (ANN) was designed for the simulation and estimation of 2 theta and intensity values obtained by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) of pure and La-doped barium ferrite powders which have been synthesized in ammonium nitrate melt. Its performance is evaluated by the influences of different La content, sintering temperature, Fe/Ba ratio, and washed in HCl (or not washed in HCl) samples. The XRD patterns of samples estimated by the ANN agree well with the experimental values,...
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İ. Aktürk, “Phase stability and ordering processes in Fe-Al intermetallics,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.