Screening Support Materials for Titanium Dioxide Based Catalyts for Gas Phase Photocatalytic CO Oxidation

Kılıç, Hande
Indoor air quality (IAQ) health concerns have grown in recent decades. CO is one of the main pollutants. The study aimed to assess the photocatalytic activity of a TiO2-SiO2 layer synthesized by the sol-gel method on cellulose filter paper for the oxidation of CO at ambient temperature. The catalyst samples were synthesized by depositing a colloidal solution of TiO2-SiO2 over fabricated cellulose extraction thimbles. Prior to the synthesis, the fabricated cellulosic extraction thimbles were characterized using TGA and DTA techniques. The TiO2-SiO2 layer was characterized using XRD and BET. Alternative substrates, like commercial polypropylene (PP) air filter material and 304 stainless steel wire mesh, were tested. FT-IR spectroscopy was used to test CO gas photocatalytic activity. After the analysis of BET for the PP substrate, it is concluded that PP support has hydrophobic properties, rendering it unsuitable for coating applications. The alternate cellulose filter paper, which is believed to be utilized as a support material for catalyst coating, is notable for its distinctive specific surface area after the BET analysis. Thus, it can be inferred that cellulose support has the capability to be coated, resulting in a significant increase in surface area. The XRD patterns of the coated samples over cellulosic support material revealed that the titania material crystallized in the anatase phase. A recirculated batch reactor system with an FT-IR was established to assess the photocatalytic activity of the produced catalysts. During the photocatalytic activity tests, Using the cellulose filter paper as a support material, an unforeseen rise in CO2 and CO levels was noticed under UV light. Following the control experiments When exposed to UV light, it may be inferred that the cellulose catalyst support material itself experiences a further rise in CO2 and CO levels. An alternative support material, 304 stainless steel, resulted in a 30% CO2 conversion.
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H. Kılıç, “Screening Support Materials for Titanium Dioxide Based Catalyts for Gas Phase Photocatalytic CO Oxidation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2024.