"Glass myth" reconstructed : an inquiry into "re-appreciation of glass" in contemporary architecture

Kaynar, İpek


"New wave" migration from Turkey: Identity, nationhood, and senses of belonging through the case of Turkish mothers in Berlin
AKSOY, YAĞMUR; ÇIRAKMAN, ASLI; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2021-3-12)
The thesis examines how the formulations of identity, nationhood, and belonging are shaped for the Turkish mothers in Berlin related to how they perceive Turkey and are affected by its socio-political context. It highlights the intergenerational concerns in national belonging through the overlooked experiences of womanhood and motherhood within the popular debates on the "new wave" migration from Turkey. Thus, the sampling constitutes women who emigrated between 2009 and 2019 to grasp the impacts of the rec...
"Tradition and the female talent": Narrative poetry by women in the Victorian age.
Öz, Fahri; Çalışkan, Sevda; Department of English Literature (2003)
This study analyzes the question of tradition within the narrative poetry written by female poets, and deals with the strategies they employed to mark then- difference as women poets while they struggled to exist and make room for themselves in the canon in the Victorian age. The scope of the study İs confined to long narrative poetry by women in the Victorian age (1830-1901). The works to be studied are the Gondal poems (composed 1836-1848) by Emily Jane Brontö; Aurora Leigh (1859) and "Lady Geraldine's Co...
Caner, Sonay; Doğan, Sibel; Çelik, Berkan (2017-01-01)
Facebook groups have been used formally or informally in educational contexts all over the world. These groups allow users share texts, videos, images or files. However, in these groups, when new posts are shared, previously shared posts go below, if they are not liked and commented constantly. As a result, group members have to make an extra effort to reach those posts. That is, it is difficult for people to access the group posts later, and eventually information quickly consumed and goes out of members' ...
"Reconstructing" the Ottoman Imperial Harem of the nineteenth century: memoirs of Leyla Saz on the Old Çırağan Palace
Günsoy, Belkıs Harika; Enginsoy Ekinci, Ayşe Sevil; Department of History of Architecture (2011)
This thesis aims to explore the Ottoman Imperial Harem in the second half of the nineteenth century by focusing on the memoirs of Leyla Saz, a well-known poet and musician (1850-1936). Belonging to an aristocratic family, Leyla Saz was admitted to the Çırağan Palace at the age of four as Fatma Sultane’s, (daughter of Abdülmecid) maid of honour and witnessed closely the daily life in the Harem for more than twenty years. Her memoirs, dating 1920, are the earliest examples written by a court member or, in oth...
"Female identity”: rewritings of Greek and Biblical myths by contemporary women writers
Dörschel, Funda Başak; Sönmez, Margaret Jeanne M.; Department of English Literature (2011)
This study approaches myths as patriarchal narratives and ideological tools and it argues that representations of women from an androcentric perspective in Greek mythology are also observed in the Bible. This study argues that patriarchy as a universal ideology has produced the same gender stereotypes beginning from Ancient Greece. Consequently, Western literature, which has the Classical and Biblical tradition as its main source, has reinforced the same female images throughout its history. Besides, it is ...
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İ. Kaynar, ““Glass myth” reconstructed : an inquiry into “re-appreciation of glass” in contemporary architecture,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.