Gecekonduları Planlama Sorunları ve Yolları

Tekeli, İlhan
In this paper formulation of "gecekondu" squatters problem in Turkey is appro ached from several dimensions such as class structure, transformation in spatial orga nization, group phenomenon and construction processes. The paper continues with a discussion on the possible strategies open to the planner as against several different presure groups related to the gecekondu problem and their aims. The planner has to know internal conflicts of the phenomenon well, if he is to use multiplier effects in solutions. Because of this relation, a theoretical framework explaining "gecekondu" process, their occurance, their location in the city and their transformation in time has been developed. This theory has been applied to the tendency of residence ownership of different income groups in different social systems and thus the characteristics of urban form of several cities are derived through an application of the theory. In the conclusion comprehensive planning principles in "gecekondu" planning are developed.
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İ. Tekeli, “Gecekonduları Planlama Sorunları ve Yolları,” ODTÜ Gelişme Dergisi, vol. 1 (1970-1974), no. 2(1971), pp. 285–314, 1971, Accessed: 00, 2024. [Online]. Available: