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Providing Cheap Land for Social Housing: Breaching the State Aid Regulations of the Single European Market?
Tasan-Kok, Tuna; Groetelaers, Danielle A.; Haffner, Marietta E. A.; van der Heijden, Harry M. H.; Altes, Willem K. Korthals (Informa UK Limited, 2013-04-01)
Tasan-Kok T., Groetelaers D. A., Haffner M. E. A., van der Heijden H. M. H. and Korthals Altes W. K. Providing cheap land for social housing: breaching the state aid regulations of the single European Market?, Regional Stu...
Informal rules! Using institutional economics to understand service provision in Turkey's spontaneous settlements
Leitmann, J; Baharoglu, D (Informa UK Limited, 1998-06-01)
Turkey's spontaneous settlements (gecekondus) house half the urban population and face infrastructure deficiencies that reduce quality of life and economic productivity, while increasing the vulnerability of the urban poor...
Novel squaraine signalling Zn(II) ions: three-state fluorescence response to a single input
Dilek, G; Akkaya, EU (2000-05-06)
A novel metal ion sensitive 2,3,3-trimethyl-3H-indole-derived squaraine dye showing different fluorescence responses depending on the complexation stoichiometry has been synthesized. Thus, three levels of signals are attai...
Globalization and the changing political economy of distribution channels in Turkey
Tokatli, N; Eldener, YB (2002-02-01)
Since the 1980s, under the influence of global economic processes, there have been dramatic changes in the distribution channels of food, beverages, tobacco, and other fast-moving consumer goods in Turkey, resulting in a r...
Variety of Modes of Governance of a Global Value Chain: The Case of Tourism from Holland to Turkey
ERKUŞ ÖZTÜRK, HİLAL; Terhorst, Pieter (2010-01-01)
Global value chains analysis has become an ever more important approach in economics and economic geography to study the globalization of different sectors. However, it is largely ignored in tourism research. This paper ex...
Foreign investment in producer services - The Turkish experience in the post-1980 period
Tokatli, N; Erkip, F (1998-02-01)
Since 1980, Turkey has been changing its growth strategy from protectionist import substitution to one more market-oriented and outward looking. As the restructuring has unfolded, the domestic market has opened up to forei...
Continuous learning processes in creating the public realm
Ataoev, A. (Thomas Telford Ltd., 2007-09-01)
This paper presents a three-year long participatory action research (PAR) project conducted in collaboration with government officials, researchers, social workers and 400 street children in six Turkish metropolitan cities...
Seismic vulnerabilities and risks for urban mitigation planning in Turkey
Saner, Tugce Sonmez (2015-09-01)
Chronic seismic hazards and resulting secondary impacts as natural conditions of the country, and the loss of robust building and prudent settlement practices as aggravated by rapid population growth make cities the most v...
Space, politics, and the political
Dikec, M (SAGE Publications, 2005-04-01)
In this paper I offer a reading of Jacques Ranciere's conceptualization of politics, and consider its implications for the links between space, politics, and the political. I provide an overview of Ranciere's conceptualiza...
Differential urbanisation in Turkey, 1955-97
Gedik, A (Wiley, 2003-01-01)
The purpose of this paper is to test the differential urbanisation theory for the Turkish case during the 42 years between 1955-97. The theory is first tested for the country as a whole, and subsequently for each of its th...