Hyperpoliticized Post-Politics: The Case of "Civic Atatürkism"

Baz, Özgür Umut
This study attempts to re-problematize and answer three interrelated questions by combining three corresponding sets of literatures. First, it re-problematizes the concept of Post-Politics. As a concept that has not been defined in precise terms in the past, the study at hand seeks to give it a proper definition, thereby making it relevant once again amongst faulty claims that the Post-Political age has ended, and give it a mode of operationalization that allows for its concrete scrutiny. Second, it re-problematizes the subjective repoliticization which emerged in recent years. Locating the said repoliticization, defined as Hyperpoliticization, within the symbolic realm of Post-Politics, the study seeks to analyze the said change and transformation in the subjective realm within the matrix of Post-Politics, thus rendering them compatible. Third, it reproblematizes the phenomenon of Civic Atatürkism (Civil Atatürkism) in academic terms. On a theoretical backdrop of Kemalism, Civic Atatürkism is contextualized, developed into a literature and its claims are analyzed in terms of it being the current mode of Atatürkism. These three realms are posited in combination in order for them to be analyzable in terms of each set with regards to the whole combination. Hyperpoliticization in the subjective realm and Post-Politics in the symbolic realm is combined into “Hyperpoliticized Post-Politics”, with its exemplifying phenomenon of “Hyperpoliticized and Post-Political as Civic Atatürkism”. A qualitative fieldy study employing a Laclauian Discourse Analysis is established in order to discuss all of these issues in concrete terms.
Citation Formats
Ö. U. Baz, “Hyperpoliticized Post-Politics: The Case of “Civic Atatürkism”,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2024.