Use of evolution strategies in optimum structural design.

Ulusoy, Ali Faik


Use of Regional Strong Ground Motion Datasets for Selecting and Weighing Ground Motion Models for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment.
Gülerce, Zeynep (2017-12-07)
Use of Geospatial Queries for Optimum Drilling and Blasting Practices in Surface Mining
Erkayaoğlu, Mustafa (2018-11-22)
Increasing demand of the modern society for energy and raw material strengthens the role of mining in sustainable development. The basic production cycle of surface mining is initiated by drilling and blasting the material that will be loaded, hauled, and dumped by various mobile equipment. Performance measurement and analysis of all these production stages by the utilization of available technology is of crucial importance for continuous improvement of modern mine operations. Today, most of the mobile equi...
Utilization of automatic computation methods in the design and optimization of reinforced concrete buildings.
Ecer, Akin; Department of Civil Engineering (1967)
Use of trans-contextual model based intervention in developing leisure-time physical activity behavior
Müftüler, Mine; İnce, Mustafa Levent; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2013)
The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of six weeks psychological skills training program (PST) based on cognitive-behavioral conceptual framework on the team cohesion, confidence, and anxiety of an intact team. Participants consisted of two teams of 36 male youth basketball players. The PST program consisted of team building, goal setting, relaxation, imagery, self-talk, pep-talk, converting thoughts, autogenic training, and progressive relaxation techniques. For the quantitative part of the s...
Use of seismic intensity measures for comparison of real and simulated records
Karim Zadeh Naghshineh, Shaghayegh; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Yakut, Ahmet (null; 2019-09-25)
Simulated ground motion records have become major alternatives to real ground motion records for all purposes of earthquake engineering, particularly in areas with limited number of records. Alternative ground motion simulation methods are often used with different computational cost and accuracy. In this study, the fundamental seismological properties of simulated ground motion records are compared with those of actual motions. Simulations are performed using the stochastic finite-fault ground motion simul...
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A. F. Ulusoy, “Use of evolution strategies in optimum structural design.,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2002.