The cap and the consumer

Şeremet, Işıl
Official inception of the Common agricultural Policy of the European Union dates back to 1962. It has been criticised in many aspects so far; and the most recent criticisms came from the consumers. Nevertheless, consumers̕ side with respect to agricultural reforms has often been neglected vis a vis producers̕ side, making this subject and interesting issue needed to be looked into. This thesis study touches upon the historical development of the Common Agricultural Policy. It explores benefits and the losses incurred by European consumers regarding the agricultural policy and the amendments introduced thereto. It sets out from this point of view and elaborates on food security, safety and quality within the European Union. This thesis exhibits facts about environmental consequences of the CAP together with organic farming practices. Additionally, it mentions globalization of ! the agricultural market and the emergence of supermarket chain! s and di scusses the benefits and detriments these brought about especially for the consumer. Finally, it indicates the activities undertaken by the organizations within the European Union and explores some of the reflections regarding the possible developments pursuant to the enlargement process.
Citation Formats
I. Şeremet, “The cap and the consumer,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.