Numerical modeling of Kızıldere geothermal field

Özkaya, Melike
This research is dedicated to make a foreseeing of the future state of the Kızıldere Geothermal Field in order to suggest acceptable solutions to the current problems. The non-isothermal mechanism of the geothermal field is simulated for the pressure and temperature variables. For this purpose, a finite element model (696 four-nodal elements with 750 nodes) of the field is formulated by considering the geological conditions and the present wells already drilled in the area. Then the model is calibrated to the field for the natural state by using appropriate physical properties, boundary and initial conditions. Comparison of the simulated and the observed pressures and temperatures has emphasized a very successful calibration study. After the calibration, response of the field to the production and injection for the period of 1984-2006 has been simulated by applying a history matching study. History matching runs have yielded very good correlations between the observed and the computed values of the pressure and temperature variables. The calibrated and history matched model has been applied to the field to simulate the future performance of the field for different production and injection scenarios. In the first scenario the field is simulated for the next 10-year production period keeping the on-going production conditions. Then, the influence of the production of two new wells has been investigated in two different scenarios. In the forth scenario, the effect of injection from one of the production wells has been simulated.
Citation Formats
M. Özkaya, “Numerical modeling of Kızıldere geothermal field,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.