Determination of runoff coefficient of basins by using geographic information systems

Acınan, Sezen
Turkey has very different geomorphologic, hydrologic and climatic conditions, so the runoff coefficient should be different from one basin to another. But only one constant value, which is 0.37, is being used for all the basins in Turkey. In this thesis, monthly, seasonal and annual runoff coefficients of 48 sub-basins in western and southern part of Anatolia are determined by using synchronous and average rainfall, runoff data of 26 year record period. Their temporal and spatial distributions are investigated. The relationship between the basin parameters and the runoff coefficient are also examined. Some of the basins have unrealistic large runoff coefficients, therefore excluded from the analyses. The basin boundaries and parameters are determined by using Geograhic Information System (GIS), and areal average precipitations are found by a program written in visual basic language that uses ArcObjects. The Box-Cox transformed data are used in regression analysis. There are a number of dams in the region, which affect the natural flow. Such streams are found and their sub-basins are not used in the analyses. The results revealed that there is not a strong the relationship between the basin parameters and annual and seasonal runoff coefficients for the whole region, but there are significant relations between them for some basins.
Citation Formats
S. Acınan, “Determination of runoff coefficient of basins by using geographic information systems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.