Parties of power in Post-Soviet Russia (1991-2008)

Günay, Mehmet Zeki
This thesis seeks to examine the ‘parties of power’ in the Russian Federation between 1991 and 2008. The thesis also discusses the political party system and political party development in post-Soviet Russia. The thesis focuses mainly on the United Russia party and compares it with the former ‘parties of power’ in the Russian Federation. The main argument of the thesis is that as compared to the previous ‘parties of power’, which were affiliated mainly with the prime ministers without achieving party consolidation, the United Russia party has been successful in consolidating its party development and achieved a central status in the Russian political system. The thesis has seven chapters. The introductory first chapter is followed by the second chapter that examines ‘parties of power’ in post-Soviet Russia, along with the political party system and the stages of political party development in the Russian Federation. The third chapter explores Russia’s Choice party. The fourth chapter deals with Our Home Is Russia party. The fifth chapter focuses on the United Russia party. The sixth chapter discusses the new role of the United Russia in Russian political system after 2007 State Duma elections. The last chapter is the conclusion of the thesis.