Strategic way of design in Rem Koolhaas' parc de la villette project

Özkan, Özay
It is inevitable to observe that, in an urban field any architectural enterprise is subject to changing political, financial, technological and cultural demands. The pressure of these ever-changing forces attempts to modify and replace the initial program and the activities associated with the architectural product. The lifespan and the success of the resulting edifice depend on its ability to respond to such changes. Nevertheless, these ever-changing forces are naturally ambiguous and unpredictable so that architectural program becomes indeterminate. This thesis claims that in order to deal with the programmatic indeterminacy in an urban context, a strategic approach should be employed throughout the design process. Therefore, the thesis critically analyzes the strategic way of design to understand its working principles via examining the Parc de la Villette competition project of Rem Koolhaas/OMA. The mechanism of strategic way of design, how it works, and how it is constructed are the main focus of the thesis.
Citation Formats
Ö. Özkan, “Strategic way of design in Rem Koolhaas’ parc de la villette project,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2008.