The asssessment of ınstitutional performance in İzmir Development Agency

Eldeniz, Feyza
In parallel to developments around the world, regional policy issue has become an important issue in Turkey’s agenda. However, political tools such as projects and plans were performed poorly due to the fact that these policy efforts failed to take into account bottom-up institutional setting according to own dynamics of each region. The European integration has made a positive impact on Turkey’s highly centralized structure. Turkey displayed a series of changes within the scope of institutional reforms. Firstly, NUTS Classification in accordance with EU’s statistical regions was introduced and then, Development Agencies were established by The Law on The Establishment and Duties of Development Agencies, based on NUTS-II regions. Thus, institutionalization at regional level was emerged for the first time in Turkish history as one of the significant movement. Following experiences gained during the institutional establishment efforts, this thesis aims to examine the existing DA’s institutional performance in the regional plan activities. İzmir Development Agency (IZKA) was chosen as a case study topic in order to explore how Development Agencies perform regional plan in terms of institutional infrastructure. To achieve this aim, the research was formed into two stages. Firstly; factors, affecting the institutional performance were determined. Secondly; IZKA was assessed over these factors. Qualitative research method through in-depth interviews was conducted in order to assess IZKA’s institutional performance in operationalizing İzmir Regional Plan 2010-2013. In addition, documented texts were incorporated as the secondary data.
Citation Formats
F. Eldeniz, “The asssessment of ınstitutional performance in İzmir Development Agency,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.