A Sequence stratigraphical approach from microfacies analysis to the Aptian-Albian peritidal carbonates of Polat Limestone (Seydişehir)

Gaziulusoy, Zeynep Elif


A sequence stratigraphic approach to the depositional history analysis of the upper eocene sedimentary succession, northwest of the thrace basin, Turkey
Sünnetçioğlu, Mehmet Akif; Altıner, Demir; Department of Geological Engineering (2008)
This study investigates the depositional history of the Late Eocene sedimentary record in the northwest of the Thrace Basin in a sequence stratigraphic approach and estimates the contribution of regional tectonics, basin physiography and eustasy. Late Eocene sedimentary succession was analyzed in two third-order sequences based on two major data sets; seismic reflection and well data sets. Depositional Sequence-1, represented by progradational stacking patterns, comprises the coarse-grained “Hamitabat” turb...
A 3000 yr paleoseismological history of the central East Anatolian Fault (Turkey) based on sedimentary record of Hazar Lake
Lamaır, Laura; Hubert-ferrari, Aurelia; Hage, Sophie; Avşar, Ulaş; Schmidt, Sabine; Çağatay, Namık (null; 2017-10-12)
The East Anatolian Fault (EAF) is a major left-lateral strike-slip fault accommodating with the conjugate North Anatolian Fault the westward extrusion of the Anatolian Plate away from the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone. During the 20th century, the EAF activity was mostly quiestcent with only two events of magnitude greater than 6 recorded (1905 Malatya and the 1971 Bingol earthquakes). Historical seismicity suggests that the EAF is capable of generating earthquakes of magnitude greater than 7. In order to r...
A Coupled modelling attempt of hydrodynamics and ecosystem of northern levantine basin
Aydoğdu, Ali; Salihoğlu, Barış; Cannaby, Heather Anne; Department of Physical Oceanography (2012)
A three-dimensional ocean model, ROMS, has been utilized to simulate the hydrodynamics and the ecosystem dynamics of the Northern Levantine Basin circulation. The model is one-way nested inside a coarser resolution Mediterranean Sea eco-hydrodynamics model, forced with realistically updated surface and lateral fluxes of momentum, mass, heat and nutrients. Scenario runs representing present and future time-slices of 5 years each have been used to investigate sensitivity to climate in the near future. Other s...
A geochemical approach to Neogene-Quaternary volcanic activity of western Anatolia: An example of episodic bimodal volcanism within the Selendi Basin, Turkey
Ersoy, Y.; Helvaci, C.; Sozbilir, H.; ERKÜL, FUAT; Bozkurt, Erdin (2008-09-30)
New radiometric age and geochemical data are presented from the late Cenozoic volcanic activity in the Selendi Basin of western Anatolia. Stratigraphical and age data show that the volcanism occurred in four distinct stages from the early Miocene to Quaternary. The first early Miocene stage includes two volcanic units with contrasting compositions: the Egreltidag volcanic unit and the Kuzayir lamproite. These volcanic units interfinger with the sedimentary rocks of the early Miocene Hacibekir Group. The Egr...
A composite biostratigraphy (mainly calpionellids and foraminifera) of the Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous Carbonates in Sivrihisar region (Pontides, NW Turkey): Delineation of the J-K boundary in a slope environment
Atasoy, Serdar Görkem; Altıner, Demir (2017-10-08)
A 748 m thick stratigraphical section was measured along the Upper Jurassic – LowerCretaceous carbonate sequence exposed in a tectonic klippe of the Sakarya Zone(Pontides), north of Sivrihisar. According to the biozonation and microfacies types, twocoeval but dissimiliar rock successions, separated by a thrust fault, have been detected. Thelower succession displays a slope to basin facies and consists of the Kimmeridgian–Berriasian Yosunlukbayırı Formation and the overlying Valanginian Soğukçam Limestone.Th...
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Z. E. Gaziulusoy, “A Sequence stratigraphical approach from microfacies analysis to the Aptian-Albian peritidal carbonates of Polat Limestone (Seydişehir),” Middle East Technical University, 1999.