Continuous time mean variance optimal portfolios

Sezgin Alp, Özge
The most popular and fundamental portfolio optimization problem is Markowitz's one period mean-variance portfolio selection problem. However, it is criticized because of its one period static nature. Further, the estimation of the stock price expected return is a particularly hard problem. For this purpose, there are a lot of studies solving the mean-variance portfolio optimization problem in continuous time. To solve the estimation problem of the stock price expected return, in 1992, Black and Litterman proposed the Bayesian asset allocation method in discrete time. Later on, Lindberg has introduced a new way of parameterizing the price dynamics in the standard Black-Scholes and solved the continuous time mean-variance portfolio optimization problem. In this thesis, firstly we take up the Lindberg's approach, we generalize the results to a jump-diffusion market setting and we correct the proof of the main result. Further, we demonstrate the implications of the Lindberg parameterization for the stock price drift vector in different market settings, we analyze the dependence of the optimal portfolio from jump and diffusion risk, and we indicate how to use the method. Secondly, we present the Lagrangian function approach of Korn and Trautmann and we derive some new results for this approach, in particular explicit representations for the optimal portfolio process. In addition, we present the L2-projection approach of Schweizer for the continuous time mean-variance portfolio optimization problem and derive the optimal portfolio and the optimal wealth processes for this approach. While, deriving these results as the underlying model, the market parameterization of Lindberg is chosen. Lastly, we compare these three different optimization frameworks in detail and their attractive and not so attractive features are highlighted by numerical examples.
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Ö. Sezgin Alp, “Continuous time mean variance optimal portfolios,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2011.