An investigation of the leak-off tests conducted in oil and natural gas wells drilled in Thrace Basin

Kayael, Burak
This study aims to analyze the leak-off tests carried out in the Thrace Basin of Turkey by Turkish Petroleum Corporation and find any relationship that may exist between leak-off test results and drilled formations as well as drilling parameters, such as mud weight, depth. The analysis of 77 leak-off tests indicated that there is no close correlation between the mud weight of test fluid and equivalent mud weight (fracture gradient) if the test is carried out within impermeable sections. On the other hand, the correlation between mud weight and equivalent mud weight increase while running the test within permeable-productive zones. It is also found that the leak-off test results are not dependent on the depth but the formation to be tested. The analyzed leak-off test results from Thrace Basin showed that the fracture gradient is not the limiting factor to set the casing of any section unless a gas show is observed during drilling operation which occurred only in 5 wells out of 78 wells analyzed.


Evaluation of a Turkish low quality oil shale by flotation as a clean energy source: Material characterization and determination of flotation behavior
Altun, Naci Emre; Hwang, Jiann-Yang; Bagci, A. Suat (Elsevier BV, 2006-09-01)
Evaluation possibility of a low quality Turkish oil shale from Beypazari, Ankara as an alternative clean solid fuel by froth flotation technique was investigated. Oil shale sample was characterized with mineralogical analysis, XRD and FTIR spectrum studies for its mineral content and surface characteristics. The flotation behavior of the sample and extent of cleaning were determined with respect to non-ionizing and ionizing collectors of anionic and cationic types. The effects of collector dosages and pulp ...
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An experimental investigation on the chemical stability of selected formation and determination of the proper type of water-base drilling fluids. Part 2. Test results
Erkekol, Selcuk; Gucuyener, I. Hakki; Kök, Mustafa Verşan (Informa UK Limited, 2006-07-01)
The objective of this study was to select the proper drilling fluid type and composition for drilling stable holes through the problems of the selected formations. This study was performed on shale samples taken from 10 wells in which hole instability was encountered to various extents during drilling the Germav formation. Both ionic and polymer inhibitions were utilized in formulating the proper drilling for the Germav formation. Ionic inhibition was obtained using KCl and NaCl. Polyanionic polymer (Pac-L)...
Beneficiation of Himmetoglu oil shale by flotation as a solid fuel substitute. Part 2. Process optimization by a statistical approach
Altun, Naci Emre; Hwang, HY; Bagci, AS (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2006-01-01)
The effects of the important flotation parameters on the cleaning process of the Himmetoglu oil shale from Turkey were investigated. The individual and multiple interaction effects of conditioning time, flotation time, pulp density, particle size, and frother dosage were determined using statistical analysis and factorial design of experiments. The influence of these parameters on the cleaning performance were evaluated in terms of ash yield, calorific value, and combustible recovery of the concentrates. XR...
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B. Kayael, “An investigation of the leak-off tests conducted in oil and natural gas wells drilled in Thrace Basin,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.