Hydraulic modeling of water distribution networks

Poyraz, Selçuk


Hydraulic modeling of water distribution networks.
Yağız, Emre; Department of Civil Engineering (1998)
Hydraulic design of tyrolean weirs in hydropower plant projects
Maraş, Cihan; Göğüş, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (2014)
Intake structures are defined as structures that divert water into a channel or tunnel leading to a powerhouse. A water intake structure must be able to divert the design discharge into the conveyance system with minimum head loss and negative impact on the local environment. Design and location of intakes are dependent on geological, hydraulic, structural and economic conditions. Tyrolean type water-intake structures are commonly constructed on steeply sloped mountain rivers with reliable rock foundation t...
Hydraulic transients in closed pipi circuits
Saral, Feridun İlkay; Tokdemir, Turgut; Ger, Metin; Department of Engineering Sciences (2000)
Hydraulic characteristics of tyrolean weirs
Yılmaz, Nazlı Aslıcan; Göğüş, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
Tyrolean type water-intake structures are widely used on mountain rivers to provide water to hydropower stations. The main concern encountered in these kinds of structures is the amount of water diverted from the main channel and sediment carried by this flow. The diverted flow should not be less than the design discharge of the hydropower station and the amount of the sediment entering the hydraulic system should be minimum. In this study a physical model of a Tyrolean weir was constructed at the Hydromech...
Hydraulic conditions at the surge tanks of Kesikköprü power plant.
Bilâl, Alaeddin; Department of Civil Engineering (1968)
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S. Poyraz, “Hydraulic modeling of water distribution networks,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.