RSAR: a layered software archıtecture for cyber-physıcal systems /

Akagündüz, Erhan
Cyber-physical systems integrate the computation and physical processes. Embedded computing systems are used to control and monitor physical processes. Development of software for cyber-physical systems requires deep knowledge on different engineering areas and physics. Embedded software for a cyber-physical system requires software architectures to separate works done by software developers and dynamic model developers. AUTOSAR is a layered software architecture to develop automotive systems. Main purpose of the AUTOSAR layered software architecture is to separate software development process from hardware details. FMI, on the other hand, is a tool-independent dynamic model interface standard. In this thesis, a layered software architecture RSAR is proposed for cyber-physical systems development. RSAR adheres to the layered software architecture concept of AUTOSAR and supports dynamic model usage with FMI standard.
Citation Formats
E. Akagündüz, “RSAR: a layered software archıtecture for cyber-physıcal systems /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.