The ecclesiastical architecture of the Syrian orthodox in Tur Abdin

Keser, Elif


The Neighbourhood Mosque with Wooden Minaret in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 16th and 17th Century: Four Examples of Restoration in Tuzla Region
Jahic, Edin (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-9-25)
The mosque with wooden minaret, porch and hip roof, represents the authentic building type which had been built on a large number through four centuries of the Ottoman period in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1463-1878). These structures were constructed using locally available materials and construction techniques, all done by domestic builders. Sometimes numerous, small neighbourhood (mahalle) mosques constantly decay and disappear in last hundred years, as a result of incompetent appraisal and maintenance, viol...
The inscribed-cross churches in Göreme
Arı, Meltem; Güven, Suna Naziyet; Department of History of Architecture (2004)
This thesis reviews the general characteristics of rock-cut churches with an inscribed-cross plan in Göreme. These churches, namely Chapel 17, St. Barbara, Çarikli, Karanlik, Elmali, Chapel 25, Chapel 32, Kiliçlar, Bezirhane and Yusuf Koç, date from the ninth to the eleventh century of the Middle Byzantine period. Firstly, this study aims to identify the general features of these churches. It also attempts to examine their liturgical planning. While doing so, architectural developments in the insribed-cross...
The architectural use of the anıimal and kybele relıifs found in Ankara and its vicinıty
Buluç, Sibel (University of Chicago Press, 1988-4)
The church of theodore metochites : a re-reading of the edifice as a mnemonic artefact
Erkmen, Alev; Güven, Suna; Department of History of Architecture (1998)
Marmara Köşkü: Atatürk İçin Modern Çiftlik Evi
Alpagut, Leyla (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2012-6-1)
Established in 1925, the Gazi Pap Farm has shown a planned development during the 1930s with its complementary functions of agriculture, industry, accommodation, entertainment, and leisure. The Marmara Chalet built as resident for Ataturk is one of the primary structures of the Farm premises, which defines the qualification of the 'modernity project' at its own scale. This early-dated structure realized by the Swiss architect Ernst Arnold Egli between the years 1928-1929, one year after he came to Turkey, r...
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E. Keser, “The ecclesiastical architecture of the Syrian orthodox in Tur Abdin,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.