Investigation of workplace accidents in coal and mineral processing plants: unsafe acts, safety culture and safety leadership

Pekpak Fındıkçıoğlu, Esin
This study aimed at investigating the safety culture, leadership and unsafe acts in coal and mineral processing plants. Safety culture and unsafe act questionnaires specific to the plants in Turkey were developed by literature survey, semi-structured interviews with workers and by receiving the opinions of field professionals. Generated unsafe behavior questionnaire and safety leadership questionnaire translated from a study in literature were applied to 234 plant workers while safety culture questionnaire was applied to 98 coal preparation workers only. The questionnaires proved reliable (Cronbach α>.8) and are ready to be used by the beneficiaries willing to monitor the safety culture, safety leadership and unsafe behavior status to take well directed preventive measures and to test the effectiveness of trainings in terms of behavioral change. With this aspect this study has original value being the first in the world providing the first tools to measure human factors in mineral processing. The statistical analyses showed that the unsafe acts were in compliance with Reason’s algorithm. Overtime working had an interaction with the safety culture, leadership coaching and caring, leadership awareness and effort perception of the workers. Safety culture dimension that had the highest effect on lapses and exceptional violations was “communication and vi feedback systems”. Violations were affected by safety culture and leadership as expected. No direct/ indirect relationship between safety culture and accidents was detected however there was a limitation in studying relationship between the culture and near misses since near miss awareness has not yet developed in Turkey among plant workers.


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E. Pekpak Fındıkçıoğlu, “Investigation of workplace accidents in coal and mineral processing plants: unsafe acts, safety culture and safety leadership,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.