A Design-based research of multimedia learning and visual design in science textbooks: an eye-tracking study

Altan, Tuğba
This study investigated student studying process using a 6th grade science textbook that is used in public schools as a multimedia learning material. This was accomplished by using eye-tracking as well as bringing the perspectives of both experts (authors, graphical designer, and editors etc.) and users (students and teachers) together. In this process, multimedia learning design and visual design of science textbooks were utilized to extend the perspectives based on the literature. First, the issues such as violations to multimedia learning design and visual design of the selected science textbook and redesign needs for the same textbook were explored. Next, cell biology chapter of the science textbook was revised based on multimedia learning and visual design principles. Then, eye-tracking based testing was employed to evaluate multimedia learning and visual design principles for the revised textbook chapter. Research results revealed that multimedia learning design of revised cell biology chapter facilitated answering achievement test questions and helped attentional focus on relevant images as well as more successful integration of text and images during studying process. According to the results two categories also established as visual design, and multimedia learning design to guide design and development of science textbooks as well as selection process of science textbooks. These research findings can be used in the design process to develop a science textbook based on learner needs Teachers may select appropriate science textbooks for students based on the findings. The research also provides an exemplary guideline for designing similar multimedia learning materials. Thus, the research results may provide both theoretical and practical implications for multimedia learning design of science textbooks.


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T. Altan, “A Design-based research of multimedia learning and visual design in science textbooks: an eye-tracking study,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.