Soofia Tahira Elias Özkan

Department of Architecture
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Impact of various sands and fibres on the physical and mechanical properties of earth mortars for plasters and renders
Pedergnana, Matthieu; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2021-11-01)
Earth plasters and renders tend to crack and crumble due to weathering. Their resilience can be improved by adding sand or fibre to the earth mixture. This paper presents an extensive literature review on earth mortar stud...
Hygro-Thermal, Hydric, and Mechanical Properties of Fibre and Aggregate Reinforced Earth Plasters
Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Pedergnana, Matthieu (2021-07-01)
Earth plasters have been used as a protective coating for buildings but, due to their low strength and low resistance to weather conditions, they have been abandoned for more resistant materials which in return lack vap...
Analysis of brick wall debris for reusing
Üçer Erduran, Deniz; Demirel, Ismail Ozan; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2021-01-01)
Although they are strong and durable, masonry walls face demolition due to various reasons. Current research presents the demolition process of a reinforced concrete building having hollow brick masonry infill walls, which...
Hygro-thermal and hydric properties of fibre and aggregate reinforced earth plaster
Pedergnana, Matthieu; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2020-04-27)
Assessing potential environmental impact and construction cost of reclaimed masonry walls
ÜÇER ERDURAN, DENİZ; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Ulybin, Aleksey (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-01-01)
Purpose The recovery of building materials and their reuse in new construction should be considered during the design stage of every new project. This study was conducted to quantify the potential environmental impacts and...
Sustainable architectural design education: A pilot study in a 3rd year studio
Mohamed, Kamal Eldin; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2019-09-01)
A design studio is the heart and soul of the architectural education curricula where students learn to make repetitive design decisions that result in design strategies for resource use in order to create an environmental ...
Mohamed, Kamal Eldin; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (College Publishing, 2019-06-01)
Design is a structured process or a tactical guideline to accomplish a unique expectation of a product, while a design studio is the environment where students are taught the skills to design the product, which may be a bu...
Bioclimatic Interventions for Reducing Cooling Energy Demand in Hot and Humid Climates
Dönmez, Burak; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2019-05-09)
Attitudes Towards Consuming, Saving Or Producing Energy
Aydemir, Gizem Nur; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2019-04-17)
Bio-Skin: the Design Concept for Efficient Building Envelope From Nature
Ghaeili Ardabili, Neda; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2019-04-17)
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