Impact of various sands and fibres on the physical and mechanical properties of earth mortars for plasters and renders

Pedergnana, Matthieu
Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira
Earth plasters and renders tend to crack and crumble due to weathering. Their resilience can be improved by adding sand or fibre to the earth mixture. This paper presents an extensive literature review on earth mortar studies and the results of some experiments to strengthen the earth mortars with different sands and fibres. These experiments showed that regardless of the type of fibre or sand used, the impact on shrinkage was positive but negative on mechanical strength. Although 5% chaff improved flexural and compressive strength, increasing fibre content to > 10% reduced compressive strength, and to > 20% also reduced flexural strength.


Effect of weathering on the geomechanical properties of andesite, Ankara - Turkey
Orhan, M.; Isik, N. S.; Topal, Tamer; Ozer, M. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2006-05-01)
Andesite exposed in different parts of Ankara has different weathering categories varying from fresh to residual soil. The geomechanical properties of the andesite are significantly affected by weathering. Buildings constructed especially in completely weathered and residual soil levels of the andesite have some geotechnical problems. In this study, the variation of the geomechanical properties of the andesite due to weathering is investigated in three selected sites of Ankara, through optical microscope, X...
Effect of disturbed zone depth on slope stability analysis: a case study from Western Black Sea Region (Turkey)
Ersöz, Timur; Topal, Tamer (2019-10-07)
Rocks in road cuts are affected by weathering, excavation and tectonic activities. The weak rocks especially disturbed by tectonic activities lose their strength over the years due to excavation and weathering. One of the most important parts to consider here is the damage caused by the type of excavation to the rock mass. In addition, weathering reduces the rock strength towards inside of the slope through discontinuities. In this study, the effects of weathering and excavation on rock strength parameters ...
Impacts of natural additives on the properties of earth plasters
Pedergnana, Matthieu Joseph; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2022-12-15)
Traditional earth plasters and renders have a long history of usage adapted to the climate history and culture of the population. They procure aesthetics, protection and comfort in the building they are applied on and they are made of local materials and with local workmanship reducing the environmental footprint of the construction and enhancing the social responsibility of the owner. However, earth plasters need to be upgraded to the standard of the construction industry and they need to fulfil the expect...
Predicting nepheline precipitation in waste glasses using ternary submixture model and machine learning
Lu, Xiaonan; Sargın, Irmak; Vienna, John D. (2021-11-01)
Nepheline precipitation in nuclear waste glasses during vitrification can be detrimental due to the negative effect on chemical durability often associated with its formation. Developing models to accurately predict nepheline precipitation from compositions is important for increasing waste loading since existing models can be overly conservative. In this study, an expanded dataset of 955 glasses, including 352 high-level waste glasses, was compiled from literature data. Previously developed submixture mode...
Assessment of cut slope stability in western Black Sea Region (Turkey)
Özköse, Merve; Topal, Tamer; Department of Geological Engineering (2019)
Cut slopes are intensely prone to weathering in the cause of excavation effects. Weathering effects can reduce strength of rocks and results in instabilities in the long run. By the reasons of rocks containing joints, fractures, faults, bedding planes and pore spaces, they are likely to be weathered because of wetting-drying cycles, climate changes, and chemical action of solutions absorbed. This study is mainly concerned with the slope stability analysis for sixteen permanent cut slopes that are composed o...
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M. Pedergnana and S. T. Elias Özkan, “Impact of various sands and fibres on the physical and mechanical properties of earth mortars for plasters and renders,” CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, vol. 308, pp. 0–0, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: