Domesticity and transparency: mies van der Rohe's farnsworth house

Ekici, Didem


Tükenmez, Başak; Özgenel, Lale; Department of History of Architecture (2021-10)
The thesis surveys the domestication of media in the modern Turkish context since the 20th century, with a particular focus on the design, representation, and production of domestic space in architectural practice. The house and media relationship that has been structured in conjunction with industrialization and economy, consumption and culture, and public and private since the 19th century, has evolved into a more direct one with the introduction of electronic media, particularly radio, television, and pe...
Domestic Social Policy Change due to the Pressures of European Integration: Equality between Women and Men at Work and Women’s Employment Policies in Turkey
Göksel, Asuman (Routledge, 2011-11-01)
This chapter analyses how European integration in one of its most consistent policy spheres has affected the dynamics and outcome of social policy change in Turkey, in the policy fields of equality between women and men at work and women's employment. It argues that the impact of the European integration process on Turkey has been very much mediated by and flowed through the actions of domestic societal actors for the selected policy issues. The chapter employs the Europeanization conceptual framework, whic...
Domestic Violence The Current Situation in Turkey Developmental Effects and Implications for Policy
Memişoğlu Sanlı, Aybegüm (2015-07-10)
Domestic Politics and Perceptions of Turkey-EU Relations
Akşit, Sait; Şenyuva, Özgehan (Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2016-01-01)
Residential Architecture As A Means Of Showcasing Western Modernization: The Case Of Tehran (1963-1979)
Valizadeh, Paria (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2021-6-30)
Modernization programs in Iran emerged with the 1963 White Revolution and transformed the socio-spatial organization of the capital city of Tehran. This modernization was associated with Westernization and led to uneven urban development, exacerbated class divisions and developed a kind of fetishism of urbanization in the Iranian society of 1970s. Modernizing the society in the image of the west and in particular the United States fascinated the upper classes since they could afford to live in the ways desc...
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D. Ekici, “Domesticity and transparency: mies van der Rohe’s farnsworth house,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.