Simge Çınar

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
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Inter-particle spacing in aqueous suspensions of nanopowders and its effects on particle packing, green body formation and fabrication of alumina
Kayacı, Hüseyin Utkucan; Çınar, Simge (Elsevier BV, 2020-08-01)
Despite the flexibility offered by a slurry-based processing of ceramics, fabrication of high-density products from nanopowders via conventional techniques is a challenge. The rheological behavior of nanopowder suspensions...
A new concept in flow assisted energy storage: suspension electrode approach
Yıldız, Bayram; Aşkar, Yasemin; Çınar, Simge (2019-12-01)
Fabrication of Conductive Electroactive Materials for Next-Generation Suspension Flow Batteries
Aşkar, Yasemin; Yıldız, Bayram; Maviş, Bora; Çınar, Simge (2019-12-01)
Synthesis of Electroactive Materials for Suspension based Flow Assisted Batteries
Yıldız, Bayram; Aşkar, Yasemin; Maviş, Bora; Çınar, Simge (null; 2019-12-01)
Ambient synthesis of nanomaterials by in situ heterogeneous metal/ligand reactions
Chang, Boyce S.; Thomas, Brijith; Chen, Jiahao; Tevis, Ian D.; Karanja, Paul; Çınar, Simge; Venkatesh, Amrit; Rossini, Aaron J.; Thuo, Martin M. (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2019-08-07)
Coordination polymers are ideal synthons in creating high aspect ratio nanostructures, however, conventional synthetic methods are often restricted to batch-wise and costly processes. Herein, we demonstrate a non-tradition...
Increasing solids content of nanopowder suspensions and the density of green bodies thereof
Çınar, Simge; Kayacı, Hüseyin Utkucan (2019-06-18)
Fabrication of metallic anisotropic particles
Çınar, Simge; Yavaş, Hakan; Ulucan, Tolga Han (null; 2018-09-23)
Having the capability to fabricate programmable and advanced materials with designed properties and new functions has been of significant attention for the broad scientific community. One of the recent approaches to develo...
A novel scalable method for synthesis of metallic anisotropic particles
Çınar, Simge; Ulucan, Tolga Han; Yavaş, Hakan (2018-09-03)
Suspension Electrode Approach for Flow Assisted Energy Storage Systems
Çınar, Simge; Yıldız, Bayram (2018-08-31)
Hydration layer: a potential key to manage colloidal processing of oxide nanopowder suspensions
Çınar, Simge; Akınç, Müfit (2017-07-13)
The majority of ceramic processing techniques relies on the successful slurry preparation that ensures homogeneous distribution of powders in a highly loaded slurry with manageable flow characteristics. Only with effective...
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