Complementary variational principles for some nonlinear problems in mechanics.

Ateş, Şule


Alternative mathematical models for revenue management problems
Terciyanlı, Erman; Avşar, Zeynep Müge; Department of Industrial Engineering (2009)
In this study, the seat inventory control problem is considered for airline networks from the perspective of a risk-averse decision maker. In the revenue management literature, it is generally assumed that the decision makers are risk-neutral. Therefore, the expected revenue is maximized without taking the variability or any other risk factor into account. On the other hand, risk-sensitive approach provides us with more information about the behavior of the revenue. The risk measure we consider in this stud...
Hybrid Surface Integral Equations for Optimal Analysis of Perfectly Conducting Bodies
Karaosmanoglu, Bariscan; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2015-07-24)
We consider hybrid formulations involving simultaneous applications of the electric-field integral equation (EFIE), the magnetic-field integral equation (MFIE), and the combined-field integral equation (CFIE) for the electromagnetic analysis of three-dimensional conductors with arbitrary geometries. By selecting EFIE, MFIE, and CFIE regions on a given object, and optimizing these regions in accordance with the simulation requirements, one can construct an optimal hybrid-field integral equation (HFIE) that p...
Lower bounds for the minimum span frequency assignment problem in cellular networks.
Karadeniz, Barış; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2001)
Related-key attacks on block ciphers
Darbuka, Aslı; Doğanaksoy, Ali; Department of Cryptography (2009)
One of the most important cryptographic primitives is the concept of block ciphers which yields confidentiality for data transmission in communication. Therefore, to be sure that confidentiality is provided, it is necessary to analyse the security of block ciphers by investigating their resistance to existing attacks. For this reason, related-key attacks gain much popularity in recent years and have been applied to many block ciphers with weak key schedules. In this work, our main motivation is to cover typ...
Practical Implementation of Generalized Force Vectors for the Multimodal Pushover Analysis of Building Structures
Alici, F. Soner; Sucuoğlu, Haluk (SAGE Publications, 2015-05-01)
A practical implementation of generalized multimodal pushover analysis is presented in this study, where the number of pushovers is reduced significantly in view of the number of modes contributing to seismic response. It has been demonstrated in two case studies that the reduced procedure for generalized pushover analysis is equally successful in estimating the maximum member deformations and forces under a ground excitation with reference to nonlinear response history analysis. It is further shown that th...
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Ş. Ateş, “Complementary variational principles for some nonlinear problems in mechanics.,” Middle East Technical University, 1976.