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Fish determine macroinvertebrate food webs and assemblage structure in Greenland subarctic streams

Gonzalez-Bergonzoni, Ivan
Landkildehus, Frank
Meerhoff, Mariana
Lauridsen, Torben L.
Özkan, Korhan
Davidson, Thomas A.
Mazzeo, Nestor
Jeppesen, Erik
1. Climate warming in (sub) arctic regions is expected to increase freshwater fish overwinter survival and dispersal, potentially with strong implications for macroinvertebrate assemblage composition and ecosystem processes. Several studies worldwide have shown large effects of top predators (usually fish) on macroinvertebrates in streams. However, the influence of top predators on trophic diversity, the range of food resources exploited and trophic niche redundancy is less well studied, particularly in cold regions.