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Ocean carbon from space: Current status and priorities for the next decade
Brewin, Robert J.W.; et. al. (2023-05-01)
The ocean plays a central role in modulating the Earth's carbon cycle. Monitoring how the ocean carbon cycle is changing is fundamental to managing climate change. Satellite remote sensing is currently our best tool for vi...
Comparison of Diffusive and Total Nutrient Fluxes from the Sediment of Mersin Bay, Northeastern Mediterranean Sea
Akçay, İsmail (2023-04-01)
In this study, sediment diffusive and total nutrient fluxes were calculated for the Mersin Bay, Northeastern (NE) Mediterranean Sea. Positive fluxes of nutrients from the sediments indicated that sediment acts as a source ...
Distinct patterns of sedimentary phosphorus fractionation and mobilization in the seafloor of the Black Sea, Marmara Sea and Mediterranean Sea
Akçay, İsmail; Yücel, Mustafa (2023-03-10)
Phosphorus (P) is a key element to all life that is used for structural and functional component of all organisms. The cycling of sedimentary P may differ depending on the redox-conditions of the overlying waters affecting...
Morphology, Molecular Genetics and Potential Importance for Mucilage Events of the New Coccolithophorid Ochrosphaera neapolitana in the Sea of Marmara
Eker-Develi, Elif; Tekdal, Dilek; Demet, Atıf Emre; Yıldız, Hüseyin Bekir; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan (2023-03-01)
The coccolithophorid Ochrosphaera neapolitana was reported for the first time from samples obtained during a large-scale mucilage event in the Sea of Marmara in May 2022 in a previous study. We also found this species in o...
Phylogeographic and Morphological Analysis of Botrylloides niger Herdman, 1886 from the Northeastern Mediterranean Sea
Temiz, Berivan; Öztürk, Esra; Blanchoud, Simon; Karahan, Arzu (2023-03-01)
Differences in food web structure and composition between new and nearby older lakes in West Greenland suggest succession trajectories driven by glacier retreat
Jeppesen, Erik; Davidson, Thomas A.; Meerhoff, Mariana; De Meester, Luc; Gonzalez-Bergonzoni, Ivan; Vidal, Nicolas; Arndt, Hartmut; Juergens, Klaus; Sommaruga, Ruben; Özkan, Korhan; Lauridsen, Torben L.; Tserenpil, Sh (2023-03-01)
With the retreat of glaciers, new ponds and lakes are often formed. These are gradually colonised and become more productive as vegetation develops in their catchments, creating more complex food webs. Near the Jakobshavn ...
Estimation of nutrient fluxes from the flooding of the Wadi Gaza catchment into the Mediterranean Sea
Al-Najjar, Hassan; Purnama, Anton; Özkan, Korhan (2023-03-01)
The coastal catchment of Wadi Gaza is the main surface water basin that flows down to Gaza coastal plain zone and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. The modeling-based assessment of the hydrological system is an essential ...
Fisheries impact on the Sea of Marmara ecosystem structure and functioning during the last three decades
SAYGU, İSMET; Akoğlu, Ekin; Gül, Güzin; Bedikoğlu, Dalida; DEMİREL EROL, Nazlı (2023-1-13)
The Sea of Marmara (SoM), without doubt, is one of the most disturbed marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean basin. As a semi-enclosed and a recognized eutrophic basin, it has a unique natural characteristic by permanent s...
Annual reproductive cycle of a successful Lessepsian immigrant in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Pomadasys stridens (Forsskål, 1775) (Family: Haemulidae)
Eşkinat, Deniz; Gücü, Ali Cemal; Ok, Meltem (2023-01-01)
The striped piggy, Pomadasys stridens (Forsskål, 1775), is one of the successfully colonized Lessepsian immigrants entering the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. This study was carried out to understand to what extent ...
Uncovering ecological regime shifts in the Sea of Marmara and reconsidering management strategies
DEMİREL EROL, Nazlı; Akoğlu, Ekin; Ulman, Aylin; Ertor-Akyazi, Pınar; Gül, Güzin; Bedikoğlu, Dalida; YILDIZ, Taner; Yilmaz, I. Noyan (2023-01-01)
Ecosystem regime shifts can alter ecosystem services, affect human well-being, and trigger policy conflicts due to economic losses and reductions in societal and environmental benefits. Intensive anthropogenic activities m...
Göksu Nehri Deltası ve civarı ihtiyoplankton faunası
Ak Örek, Yeşim; Uysal, Zahit (2022-12-01)
Bu çalışmada Ekim 2017-Temmuz 2018 döneminde Çukurova kıta sahanlığı sularında Göksu Nehri etki alanıve civarında mevsimlik Kemikli balık (Teleostei) yumurta ve larvalarının dağılım, bolluk ve tür çeşitliliğibelirlenerek b...
High Precision Femtosecond Laser Ablation ICP-MS Measurement of Benthic Foraminiferal Mn-Incorporation for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction: A Case Study From the Plio-Pleistocene Caribbean Sea
Oegretmen, N.; Schiebel, R.; Jochum, K. P.; Galer, S.; Leitner, J.; Khanolkar, S.; Yücel, Mustafa; Stoll, B.; Weis, U.; Haug, G. H. (2022-10-01)
Closure of the Central American Seaway (CAS) and hydrology of the Caribbean Sea triggered Northern Hemisphere Glaciation and played an important role in the Pliocene to modern-day climate re-establishing the deep and surfa...
Eddy Induced Cross-Shelf Exchanges in the Black Sea
Akpinar, Anil; Sadighrad, Ehsan; Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea; Arkin, Şadi Sinan (2022-10-01)
Cross-shelf exchanges in the Black Sea were investigated using remote sensing data and an ocean circulation model to which an eddy-tracking algorithm and Lagrangian particle tracking model was applied. An anticyclonic eddy...
Chemolithoautotroph distributions across the subsurface of a convergent margin
Rogers, Timothy J.; Buongiorno, Joy; Jessen, Gerdhard L.; Schrenk, Matthew O.; Fordyce, James A.; de Moor, J. Maarten; Ramirez, Carlos J.; Barry, Peter H.; Yücel, Mustafa; Selci, Matteo; Cordone, Angela; Giovannelli, Donato; Lloyd, Karen G. (2022-10-01)
Subducting oceanic crusts release fluids rich in biologically relevant compounds into the overriding plate, fueling subsurface chemolithoautotrophic ecosystems. To understand the impact of subsurface geochemistry on microb...
High levels of genetic diversity and population structure in the Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica at its easternmost distribution limit
Tutar, Ozge; Ruocco, Miriam; Dattolo, Emanuela; Lacorata, Guglielmo; Corrado, Raffaele; Watteaux, Romain; Iudicone, Daniele; Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea; Procaccini, Gabriele (2022-09-01)
High levels of genetic diversity and connectivity are crucial for the persistence of local populations, especially at the edge of species' distribution ranges. Here, we assessed the potential and realized connectivity of p...
16S rRNA diversity of mirror lake in Gilindire Cave (Turkey) shows abundant Nitrospira
Deliceirmak, Selin; Karahan, Arzu (2022-09-01)
We present the prokaryotic microbial diversity of Mirror Lake, located at the end of Gilindire Cave (Turkey), whose geomorphology shows development in multiple geologic periods and by multiple mechanisms. The lake comprise...
Analysis of extreme rainfall trend and mapping of the Wadi pluvial flood in the Gaza coastal plain of Palestine
Al-Najjar, Hassan; Purnama, Anton; Özkan, Korhan; Abualtayef, Mazen (2022-09-01)
In the eastern Mediterranean region of the Middle East and North Africa, pluvial flooding has become a common and severe climate change consequence event that requires immediate attention. The Wadi-Gaza basin is a critical...
Ocean acidification research in the Mediterranean Sea: Status, trends and next steps
Hassoun, Abed El Rahman; Bantelman, Ashley; Canu, Donata; Comeau, Steeve; Galdies, Charles; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre; Giani, Michele; Grelaud, Michael; Hendriks, Iris Eline; IBELLO, VALERİA; Idrissi, Mohammed; Krasakopoulou, Evangelia; Shaltout, Nayrah; Solidoro, Cosimo; Swarzenski, Peter W. W.; Ziveri, Patrizia (2022-09-01)
Ocean acidification (OA) is a serious consequence of climate change with complex organism-to-ecosystem effects that have been observed through field observations but are mainly derived from experimental studies. Although O...
Riverine Microplastic Loading to Mersin Bay, Turkey on the North-eastern Mediterranean
Ozguler, Ulku; DEMİR, AYDENİZ; Kayadelen, Gulsah Can; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan (2022-07-01)
Microplastics sampled downstream from a total of eight rivers were analysed as the first attempt to determine microplastic composition in rivers and load to Mersin Bay, in the north-eastern Mediterranean Sea. With a share ...
Differential Behavior of Metal Sulfides in Hydrothermal Plumes and Diffuse Flows
Estes, Emily R.; Berti, Debora; Findlay, Alyssa J.; Hochella, Michael F.; Shaw, Timothy J.; Yücel, Mustafa; De Carlo, Eric H.; Luther, George W. (2022-06-16)
© 2022 American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.Extensive sampling of high-Temperature hydrothermal fluids and diffuse flows within <2 m of the vent orifices at the 9°50′N East Pacific Rise (EPR) hydrothermal vent fi...
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