Mualla Erkılıç

Department of Architecture
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Part 1: Histories of disabilities across time and cultures
Erkılıç, Mualla (2018-01-01)
Adana Turquie Devenirs du Centre Ancien 18 ans apres le Tremblement de Terre Adana Turkey The Old Centre City 18 Years after the Earthquake
Saban Ökesli, Fazilet Duygu; Tüter, Rukiye; Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ; Erkılıç, Mualla; Akar, Tuba; Demir Mishchenko, Evrim; Aksu Çam, Çiğdem; Bouche, Pıerre; Lebarbey, Celıa; Seccı, Claudıo; Faure, Justıne (2016-07-01)
Tolerable and inclusive learning spaces: an evaluation of policies and specifications for physical environments that promote inclusion in Turkish Primary Schools
Erkılıç, Mualla; DURAK, SELEN (2013-05-01)
Inclusive education (IE), which calls for equal opportunities for students with diverse abilities in the achievement of knowledge, has been developed as a central pedagogical strategy in primary schools worldwide, includin...
Conceptual Challenges Between Universal Design and Disability in Relation to the Body, Impairment, and the Environment Where Does the Issue of Disability Stand in the Philosophy of UD?
Erkılıç, Mualla (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2011)
Universal Design (UD), which is grounded politically and sociologically in the long historic struggle of the anti-discrimination and disability rights movements in the United States that occurred between 1970's and 1990's ...
The theater of life and imaginative universals in architectural space
Erkılıç, Mualla (1999-04-01)
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