Nermin Samet

Department of Computer Engineering
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GANILLA: Generative adversarial networks for image to illustration translation
Hicsonmez, Samet; Samet, Nermin; Akbaş, Emre; DUYGULU ŞAHİN, PINAR (Elsevier BV, 2020-03-01)
In this paper, we explore illustrations in children's books as a new domain in unpaired image-to-image translation. We show that although the current state-of-the-art image-to-image translation models successfully transfer...
Who draw this? Caricaturist recognition using convolutional neural networks Bunu kim çizdi? Evrişimsel sinir aǧlari ile karikatürist tanima
Hicsonmez, Samet; Samet, Nermin; Akbaş, Emre; Duygulu, Pinar (2018-05-05)
Caricature is the art of expressing an event that will be described in many pages in writing, visually with a small drawing. The details of the drawing, the style, and the objects used in the drawing, which make up the vis...
Could we create a training set for image captioning using automatic translation? Görüntü Altyazilama için Otomatik Tercüeyle Eǧitim Kümesi Oluşturulabilir mi?
Samet, Nermin; HİÇSÖNMEZ, Samet; Duygulu, Pinar; Akbaş, Emre (2017-05-18)
Automatic image captioning has received increasing attention in recent years. Although there are many English datasets developed for this problem, there is only one Turkish dataset and it is very small compared to its Engl...
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