Could we create a training set for image captioning using automatic translation? Görüntü Altyazilama için Otomatik Tercüeyle Eǧitim Kümesi Oluşturulabilir mi?

Samet, Nermin
Duygulu, Pinar
Akbaş, Emre
Automatic image captioning has received increasing attention in recent years. Although there are many English datasets developed for this problem, there is only one Turkish dataset and it is very small compared to its English counterparts. Creating a new dataset for image captioning is a very costly and time consuming task. This work is a first step towards transferring the available, large English datasets into Turkish. We translated English captioning datasets into Turkish by using an automated translation tool and we trained an image captioning model on the automatically obtained Turkish captions. Our experiments show that this model yields the best performance so far on Turkish captioning.