A bound polaron under a magnetic field in two-dimensionally confined semiconductor systems

Saqqa, Bassam


A two-dimensional polaronic donor in a magnetic field
Erçelebi, Ayşe Çiğdem (IOP Publishing, 1988-3-30)
The effect of electron-phonon coupling on a two-dimensional donor in a magnetic field is studied variationally. It is observed that the influence of the magnetic field on the phonon-induced shift in the binding energy is more marked for stronger Coulomb potentials and larger phonon couplings. Even though the magnetic field enhances electron-phonon coupling in an absolute sense, for cyclotron frequencies larger than the LO phonon frequency the relative shift (with respect to the unperturbed binding energy) i...
Dursunkaya, Zafer (ASME International, 1990-03-01)
The heat conduction and the moving solid-liquid interface in a finite region is studied numerically. A Fourier series expansion is used in both phases for spatial temperature distribution, and the differential equations are converted to an infinite number of ordinary differential equations in time. These equations are solved iteratively for the interface location as well as for the temperature distribution. The results are compared with existing solutions for low Stefan numbers....
A four parameter Pitzer-curl type correlatıon of second virial coefficients
Orbey, Hasan (Informa UK Limited, 1988-3)
The Pitzer-Curl ( 1957) correlation of second virial coefficients is slightly modified to accommodate high temperature data ( TT4 4.0) of He and H2 and extended successfully to “ nonstandard” fluids as defined by Tarakad and Danner (1977), by introducing a fourth parameter per compound. The new version improves results at the high temperature limit while it gives comparable results with the previous versions presented by Pitzer and Curl ( 1957) and Tsonopoulos ( 1974) at lower temperatures. The present appr...
A First-Order Transition of the Smectic A-Smectic C* in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Kilit, E.; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2012-01-01)
The static dielectric constant is calculated as a function of temperature using a mean field model close to the smectic A-smectic C* transition for the ferroelectric liquid crystal 4-(3-methyl-2-chlorobutanoyloxy)-4'-heptyloxybiphenyl (A7). This calculation of the dielectric constant is performed for the pure optically active compound (T-c = 73.4 degrees C) and the temperature range is determined for a first-order smectic A-smectic C* transition from the mean field model. Our predicted values describe adequ...
BAYIN, SS; COOPERSTOCK, FI; FARAONI, V (American Astronomical Society, 1994-06-20)
We explore the possibility of describing our universe with a singularity-free, closed, spatially homogeneous and isotropic cosmological model, using only general relativity and a suitable equation of state which produces an inflationary era. A phase transition to a radiation-dominated era occurs as a consequence of boundary conditions expressing the assumption that the temperature cannot exceed the Planck value. We find that over a broad range of initial conditions, the predicted value of the Hubble paramet...
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B. Saqqa, “A bound polaron under a magnetic field in two-dimensionally confined semiconductor systems,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.