Snapshot Spectral Imaging with Generalized Photon Sieves

Ayazgok, Suleyman
Öktem, Sevinç Figen
We develop a novel snapshot multi-spectral imaging modality using a generalized photon sieve. The spectral images are computationally formed from a single-shot measurement that contains the blurred copies of each spectral image.


Snapshot spEctral imagEr for cost effective IR Surveillance (SEERS)
Akın, Tayfun(2018-1-31)
SEERS proposes a breakthrough approach to multispectral imaging in a broad band of the infrared domain (0.7-14 µm wavelength). Video surveillance for safety and security is targeted for demonstration. Firstly, a snapshot multispectral imager in the IR domain will be developed. Secondly, an embedded approach will be adopted for image reconstruction, cognitive image fusion, video pre-processing and event-driven operation. Thirdly, the benefits of a novel video analytics solution (VAS) for smart networked ope...
Investigation of tightly coupled arrays for wideband applications
Arda, Kaan; Dural Ünver, Mevlüde Gülbin; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2020-10)
This thesis aims to provide in depth research on tightly coupled dipole arrays to be used in ultrawideband apertures applications. First, operation principles of tightly coupled dipole arrays are investigated. Starting from the Wheeler’s current sheet aperture concept, some calculations on bandwidth and impedance concepts are conducted. B.A. Munk’s addition to the concept, use of capacitive elements between adjacent dipoles, are introduced. Array unit cell is modeled using equivalent circuit approach,...
Sensor Fusion of a Camera and 2D LIDAR for Lane Detection
Schmidt, Klaus Verner (null; 2019-04-26)
This paper presents a novel lane detection algorithm based on fusion of camera and 2D LIDAR data. On the one hand, objects on the road are detected via 2D LIDAR. On the other hand, binary bird’s eye view (BEV) images are acquired from the camera data and the locations of objects detected by LIDAR are estimated on the BEV image. In order to remove the noise generated by objects on the BEV, a modified BEV image is obtained, where pixels occluded by the detected objects are turned into background pixels. Then,...
Error prediction in electromagnetic simulations using machine learning
KARAOSMANOGLU, BARISCAN; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2019-07-01)
© 2019 IEEE.We present a novel approach of using deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) to predict electromagnetic scattering errors in iterative solutions of electrically large three-dimensional objects. Deep CNN models are constructed and trained by using surface current images to predict far-zone scattering errors. Numerical experiments demonstrate successful predictions with more than 95% accuracy. The constructed models can be useful to quickly assess the accuracy of candidate solutions of current di...
Anlık Spektral Görüntüleme için Tasarım Eniyileme
Ayazgök, Suleyman; Öktem, Sevinç Figen (2019-08-22)
Snapshot spectral imaging enables to reconstructspectral images from a multiplexed single-shot measurement.Since an inversion is required to form the spectral images com-putationally, quantitative characterization of their performanceis essential to optimize the design. In this paper, we analyze theoptimal design of a snapshot spectral imaging technique. Thissnapshot multi-spectral imaging technique uses a diffractive lenscalled generalized photon sieve, and vari...
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