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Cross-field plasma injection into mirror geometry

Uzun Kaymak, İlker Ümit
Messer, S.
Bomgardner, R.
Case, A.
Clary, R.
Ellis, R.
Elton, R.
Teodorescu, C.
Witherspoon, F. D.
Young, W.
The Maryland Centrifugal Experiment (MCX) and HyperV Technologies Corp. are collaborating on a series of experiments to test the use of a plasma gun to inject mass and momentum into a magnetic-confinement device. HyperV has designed, built and installed a prototype coaxial gun to drive rotation in MCX. The gun has been designed to avoid the blow-by instability via a combination of electrode shaping and a tailored plasma armature. Preliminary measurements at HyperV indicate the gun generates plasma jets with a mass of 160 mu g, velocities up to 90 km s(-1) and plasma density in the high 10(14) cm(-3). This paper emphasizes characteristics of the plasma gun and penetration of the plasma jet through the MCX magnetic field. Plans for future injection experiments are briefly discussed.