Price determination in private sector industries of Turkish manufacturing.

Kavruk, Nurhayat


Price-cost margins and foreign trade in Turkish manufacturing industry:a panel data analysis
Yalçın, Cihan; Taymaz, Erol; Department of Economics (1995)
Price determination for bundled products : application for a household product group
Ersöz, Keriman Hande; Muğan, Fatma Naciye Can; Department of Business Administration (2012)
The aim of this thesis is to search for the best way to allocate revenues gathered from a group of products in a household supplies company. In so doing, it purports to determine the price which brings customer perception and organizational benefit to equilibrium. To compare alternatives of revenue allocation methods, data obtained for a main product and its variants from a household company will be analyzed in an organized manner. Three ways of product bundling (pure bundling, mixed bundling, unbundling) i...
Price transmissions between food and oil
Kaltalıoğlu, Müge; Soytaş, Uğur; Department of Business Administration (2010)
The upward movement in oil and food prices in the 2000s has triggered interest in the information transmission mechanism between the two markets. This research investigates the volatility spillover between oil, food, and agricultural raw material price indexes for the period January 1980 to April 2008. The results of the Cheung-Ng procedure show that variation in oil prices does not Granger cause the variance in food and agricultural raw material prices. However, there is bi-directional spillover between ag...
Price-based data delivery framework for dynamic and pervasive IoT
Al-Turjman, Fadi (2017-12-01)
Recent ongoing research efforts are taking advantage of the emerging technologies which realize the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. However, the realization of an IoT framework is still facing many challenges in terms of QoS, resource management and pricing, in addition to the most pressing challenge which is attributed to the integration of the heterogeneous nodes and devices that compete to efficiently route their data. Routing data and inter-nodal communication in IoT has not been yet well investigate...
Demand estimation, relevant market definition and identification of market power in Turkish Beverage Industry
Kalkan, Ekrem; Taymaz, Erol; Department of Economics (2010)
This dissertation aims to contribute to the field of economics of competition policy by analyzing the demand structure and the market power in the Turkish beverage industry and in the cola market in particular. First, a demand system for the beverage products has been estimated by using a multi-stage linearized Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS). Using the own-price elasticity of cola in a SSNIP test (Small but Significant Non-Transitory Increase in Price), it is shown that cola market consists of a distinct...
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N. Kavruk, “Price determination in private sector industries of Turkish manufacturing.,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 1977.