Spectral decomposition of the elastic constant tensor
Abay, Gökhan; Akgöz, Y. Cevdet; Department of Engineering Sciences (2001)
Spectral correction-based method for interharmonics analysis of power signals with fundamental frequency deviation
Salor, Oezguel (Elsevier BV, 2009-07-01)
In this paper, a spectral correction-based algorithm for interharmonic computation is proposed for especially highly fluctuating fundamental frequency cases in the power system. It has been observed and reported that fluctuating demands of some loads such as arc furnaces, or disturbances and subsequent system transients make the fundamental frequency of the power system deviate and this causes non-existing interharmonics to appear in the spectrum due to grid-effect when a standard window length is used for ...
Spectral (h-p) element methods approach to the solution of Poisson and Helmholtz equations using Matlab
Maral, Tuğrul; Tarı, İlker; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2006)
A spectral element solver program using MATLAB is written for the solution of Poisson and Helmholtz equations. The accuracy of spectral methods (p-type high order) and the geometric flexibility of the low-order h-type finite elements are combined in spectral element methods. Rectangular elements are used to solve Poisson and Helmholtz equations with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions which are homogeneous or non homogeneous. Robin (mixed) boundary conditions are also implemented. Poisson equation is ...
Spectral and timing analysis of some cataclysmic variables
Göğüş, Ersin; Kızıloğlu, Ümit; Department of Physics (1997)
Spectral properties of the Klein-Gordon s-wave equation with complex potential
Bairamov, E; Celebi, AO (1997-06-01)
Let us consider the differential operator L defined by the Klein-Gordon s-wave equation
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