A joint Bayesian approach for the analysis of response measured at a primary endpoint and longitudinal measurements

Joint mixed modeling is an attractive approach for the analysis of a scalar response measured at a primary endpoint and longitudinal measurements on a covariate. In the standard Bayesian analysis of these models, measurement error variance and the variance/covariance of random effects are a priori modeled independently. The key point is that these variances cannot be assumed independent given the total variation in a response. This article presents a joint Bayesian analysis in which these variance terms are a priori modeled jointly. Simulations illustrate that analysis with multivariate variance prior in general lead to reduced bias (smaller relative bias) and improved efficiency (smaller interquartile range) in the posterior inference compared with the analysis with independent variance priors.


A Model for Vertical-to-Horizontal Response Spectral Ratios for Europe and the Middle East
Bommer, Julian J.; Akkar, Dede Sinan; Kale, Ozkan (2011-08-01)
In the framework of probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, the preferred approach for obtaining the response spectrum of the vertical component of motion is to scale the horizontal spectrum by vertical-to-horizontal (V/H) spectral ratios. In order to apply these ratios to scenario or conditional mean spectra, the V/H ratios need to be defined as a function of variables such as magnitude, distance, and site classification. A new model for the prediction of V/H ratios for peak ground acceleration and spectral...
An implicit one-line numerical model on longshore sediment transport
Esen, Mustafa; Ergin, Ayşen; Department of Civil Engineering (2007)
In this study, a numerical model “Modified Coast-Structure Interaction Numerical Model” (CSIM) is developed with an implicit approach to determine the shoreline changes due to wind wave induced longshore sediment transport under the presence of groins, T-groins and offshore breakwaters by making modifications on the explicit numerical model “Coast-Structure Interaction Numerical Model” (CSI). Using representative wave data transformed to a chosen reference depth from deep water, numerical model (CSIM) simul...
Simulation of eddy-driven phytoplankton production in the Black Sea
Oguz, T; Salihoğlu, Barış (2000-07-15)
A three dimensional, three-layer biological model is used to assess impact of eddy-dominated horizontal circulation on the spatial and temporal variations of plankton biomass in the Black Sea. Simulations are shown to exhibit patchy distributions of phytoplankton biomass as inferred from satellite images, and their intensities agree reasonably well with observations. Overall performance of the three layer model points to its potential capability as a practical alternative tool to more complex and computatio...
A new data-adaptive network design methodology based on the k-means clustering and modified ISODATA algorithm for regional gravity field modeling via spherical radial basis functions
Uluğ, Raşit; Karslıoğlu, Mahmut Onur (2022-11-01)
In this study, a new data-adaptive network design methodology called k-SRBF is presented for the spherical radial basis functions (SRBFs) in regional gravity field modeling. In this methodology, the cluster centers (centroids) obtained by the k-means clustering algorithm are post-processed to construct a network of SRBFs by replacing the centroids with the SRBFs. The post-processing procedure is inspired by the heuristic method, Iterative Self-Organizing Data Analysis Technique (ISODATA), which splits clust...
A Numerical Analysis of Magneto-Acousto Electrical Tomography with a Simplified Breast Model
ZENGİN, REYHAN; Gençer, Nevzat Güneri (2017-02-21)
In this study, Magneto-Acousto Electrical Tomography with magnetic measurements technique is investigated using two dimensional (2D) simplified numerical breast model. This technique comprises of the electrical current induction and ultrasound in the static magnetic field. 2D numerical simplified breast geometry is modeled with an ultrasonic transducer (linear phased array (LPA)) placed on the top side of the simplified breast model. A rectangular loop coil is encircled the breast. The sensitivity matrix is...
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