Sources of inflation in Turkey 1963-1984

Göksungur, İbrahim


Sources of competitive advantage of the Turkish clothing and cement industries with respect to the European Union
Özdoğan, Ayşe Şule; Ege, Aylin; Department of European Studies (2005)
This thesis aims identifying the sources of competitive advantage of the TUrkish clothing and cement industries with respect to the European Union following the methodology of the Diamond Framework, introduced by Porter (1990), which is based on the theory of competitive advantage. The methodology is modified in order to include the effects of Turkey's integration process to the European Union on the industries. Using this methodology, this study assesses the sources of competitive advantage of the Turkish ...
Sources affecting chemical composition of particles in the Eastern Black Sea Basin
Balcılar, İlker; Zararsız, Abdullah; Yakup, Kalaycı; Doğan, Güray; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (null; 2015-08-06)
Sources of self-identity among Turkish adolescents
Guneri, O; Sümer, Zeynep; Yildirim, A (1999-09-01)
As part of the International Self-Identity Research Project, this study explored sources of identity among Turkish adolescents. The interview sample consisted of three male and three female high school students in Ankara, Turkey. The results indicated that social, familial, personal, physical, and moral-ethical dimensions contributed to adolescents' definitions of self, but to different degrees. Social and familial dimensions were very influential and were used as reference points for defining self in other...
Sources and benefits of social capital for technology based firms in STPs a case of METU Technopolis
Aslan, Duygu; Wasti Pamuksuz, Syeda Nazlı; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2014)
The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the sources and benefits of social capital for technology based firms located in science and technology parks (STPs). For this aim, the dyadic and network relations of technology based firms within a science and technology park were examined by analyzing firms in METU Technopolis, the first science and technology park established in Turkey. A mixed method approach including both quantitative and qualitative methods was applied, and for the qualitative analysis...
Sources of Marital Conflict in Five Cultures
Dillon, Lisa M.; Nowak, Nicole; Weisfeld, Glenn E.; Weisfeld, Carol C.; Shattuck, Kraig S.; Imamoglu, Olcay E.; Butovskaya, Marina; Shen, Jiliang (2015-01-01)
This analysis of previously collected data examined four fitness-relevant issues for their possible role in marital conflict. These were sex, finances, division of labor, and raising children, selected in light of their pertinence to sex differences in reproductive strategies. Over 2,000 couples in five diverse cultures were studied. Marital conflict was assessed by the Problems with Partner scale, which was previously shown to demonstrate measurement invariance across cultures and genders. All four issues ...
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İ. Göksungur, “Sources of inflation in Turkey 1963-1984,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 1987.