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Free form architecture and interior space: a critical analytical approach

Yılmaz, Sezi.
Architecture has been in a period of transformation since the last decade of the 20thcentury. There have been major developments in architecture in terms of the design and realization processes due to the technological advances. The 21stcentury witnesses the domination of Free Form Architecture on the contemporary architectural practices and theories. The use of digital design tools further widens the limits of experimental approaches in architectural design and realization. It is possible to say that formal expression has become one of the focal points of architectural design. In this thesis, it is supported that the overemphasis on formal expression may lead to an undervaluation of the importance of various key characteristics of interior spaces. Since space is of upmost importance in architecture and the interrelations between form and space constitute the dynamics of architectural design, the characteristics of spaces in Free Form Architectural works are selected as the main topic of investigation. This thesis focuses on the impact of formal expression of the building skin on interior spaces, and adopts a critical analytical approach. A number of cases are selected and a thematic categorization is made based on the architectural drawings in order to be able to analyze the current intentions about space characteristics in contemporary Free Form Architecture. The results indicate that the formal expression of the building skin can be very limitedly perceived from the inside. Therefore, the spatial concerns may have been regarded as secondary design consideration in Contemporary Free Form Architecture.