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Investigation of the effects of switching technique and gan device on the performance of bidirectional buck-boost DC/DC converter

Koçak, İbrahim
In general, a DC/DC converter provides energy transfer from a source to a load in one direction. However, today, bidirectional power transfer is needed for most of the system that includes battery based energy storage, such as solar or wind power plant, uninterruptible power supplies, automotive industry, smart grid applications, telecommunication and space technology. Serving a compact solution for this need is crucial in order to reduce the total size of the system especially where the physical size is a critical subject. Various types of bidirectional DC/DC converter topologies and control methods are implemented for this purpose. In this study, a bidirectional DC/DC converter topology and a modulation method are selected, developed and implemented for the power train of a double battery suited car. The effect of new generation GaN devices on the efficiency of the converter is also covered. With the results of this study, it is seen that the selected topology is suitable for bidirectional power flow and the power density can be increased throughout whole load range with a software based control method and selecting proper switching device.