Morphotectonic analysis and kinematic evolution of the Central Gediz Alaşehir graben, Western Anatolia, Turkey

Dönmezoğulları, Tamer
The Gediz Alaşehir Graben (GAG) is one of the seismically active grabens within western Anatolia. The study area is located at the center of this graben. It is aimed to evaluate the post-Miocene tectonic evolution of the GAG in terms of structural and morphometric analyses. The dominant trends of the Pliocene and Miocene sequences are mainly in NW-SE direction and are almost parallel to each other. Three fault clusters were determined for the region from a length weighted rose diagram, and the general trend is mainly in NW-SE direction. 120 slip-data were used to analyze the region in terms of kinematic evolution. The relationship between σ1 and σ3 was used as the main evaluating tools for the kinematic analysis. The results of the analysis show dominantly NNE-SSW pure extension, and according to σ1 which is the vertical principal axis, the fault type was defined as a normal fault. In this context, under the control of these normal fault activities, horst-graben structures were defined within the study area. The asymmetry and the fault activity of the region were studied in terms of morphometry. To define the asymmetry along the ridges, the slope changes and the asymmetry ratio were applied, and the results indicate the ridges are asymmetric depending on the faulting along the northeast sides of the ridges. The Smf index was applied along Manisa Fault, Gölmarmara Fault and northeast of Çaldağ. According to the Smf results, the activity of the region in terms of active faulting was defined, and the results and reasons for this index were evaluated by considering lithology. In conclusion, all results were discussed in this study in details in terms of kinematic evolution and morphometric analysis.
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T. Dönmezoğulları, “Morphotectonic analysis and kinematic evolution of the Central Gediz Alaşehir graben, Western Anatolia, Turkey,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Geological Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.